WIW 15 St Mary's Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

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15 St Mary’s Avenue, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

  • 2 Bed Terraced House 960 ft² to 1000 ft² For Sale G

As ever, all thoughts much appreciated.

Offers in: €280k and €290k.

Current offer €305k.

I’d prefer this to a 2 bed apartment. Has Much more character. Despite no garden price doesn’t seem completely mad (to me anyway)

What does a BER G mean to you?

My worry is always that you won’t have enough cavity space to put insulation into and you’ll have to choose between external and internal. I’m think external is much better than internal insulation due to the location of the dew point being outside the house rather than inside.

I doubt there’s a cavity at all. It would take a vandal-of-sorts to nail external insulation up on a terrace of half brick/half dash. Would you need planning for same?

01/10/2015 €305,000.00 15 ST MARYS AVE, RATHFARNHAM, DUBLIN 14, Dublin 14