WIW: 17 Castilla Park Clontarf

Any thoughts on this:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/2622674

Looking to move to Dublin with our two school going children and Clontarf ticks all the boxes for us, near town, near sea, family friendly, near work etc. Budget is max 500K including any renovation work which this obviously needs. Seems like reasonable value but am I missing something??? small lit laneway links the house to Seafield road (schools).

Up for sale a week ago, first bid was 420 after first viewing. Viewing again this evening - alot of people there. Now at 440K

On the face of it, it looks comparatively cheaper than other properties in the area.
Is the laneway a place where teenagers congregate?

Not sure, this laneway goes to the back of the row of houses for access to garages at the rear of the gardens (this house does not have a garage) and is a cul-de-sac. There is another laneway right beside this which joins up with another road and there were a few 13/14 yr olds in it at 8pm or so.

Thought there would be lots of interest and unfortunately we are just not quite ready, hopefully something similar will come up in the not to distant future. Will be interesting to see how much it will go for.

There are lots of houses. :smiley: