WIW - 17 Convent Road, Dalkey

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Complete wreck in Dalkey come on the market at €435k. No parking on the (narrow one-way) road outside and not much nearby. Traffic is a nightmare in the morning because of a nearby primary school.

The schools seemed to push for and get residents possibilities of parking greatly reduced a few years ago (despite the Loreto order being the major land-owner locally). Lots more double yellow lines now for parents to park on. Pay and display in the Town pushes parking down here also. I can never remember that house occupied so must be like that for 40 years or so IIRC.

A somewhat similar property was featured on Dermot Bannon’s showcase programme a couple of weeks ago. It was a simpler layout - single story terraced house of similar style in Blackrock. It was in equally bad condition. The budget for complete renovation and extension was €160k (the final spend was more like €200k but that was largely due to the owner choosing to improve the quality of finishes and design options).

As the structure here is not just single story I’m guessing the renovation cost might be higher than that one - say €250k. Note that it’s not a protected structure so that allows a little more flexibility in what can be done in the renovation. I think that a total project cost here of €500-550k for purchase and renovation would be reasonable, putting a ceiling of €250-550k on the purchase price.

Convent Road would (as far as I know) lie within the Dalkey ACA (Architectural Conservation Area) so pretty strict planning rules, no exempted development etc…

I can’t have my outdoor hottub and indoor cinema room then? And a swim-up bar is out of the question?

(I bet Bono and Enya have them… and as for those F1 drivers…)

Not sure how much it will affect the overall costs but getting materials onto site will be tricky due the narrow road and much pressure on the parking places nearby and IIRC the front garden can’t easily be used for temporary or indeed permanant parking.

Good point.

That Blackrock refurb could only just fit a large skip on the road - whereas you’d be lucky to fit a skip-bag outside the Dalkey one.

You’d probably have to temporarily knock down the front wall. :open_mouth:

Sale agreed (without a price drop). Was amazed when I saw the sign.

I think that this house sold for the low 300’s very low 300’s. So there was a substantial price drop…