WIW - 178 Kimmage Road West

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2951932

Any guesses on this one.

Pros: Decent sized house, decent sized garden, off street parking, garage
Cons: BER E1, needs a lot of work - if the only pics shown are of the old fashioned sitting room and bedroom I assume the kitchen and bathroom are dire and need to gutted

I think it’s only been up a month I think

Viewed it. Yeah, it needs a full refit, insulation, and light into kitchen is awful.
Looks like it’s had a hard life. Wallpaper covers a myriad of issues generally - so you’d need to give it a good structural check. But no question - it’s a decent sized house.

Park areas/and some streets nearby are a bit dodgy in terms of anti-social behaviour at night (drinking/hanging around) But to be fair, you’d need to go a bit up towards Cashel Road to be in an area where I wouldn’t feel safe.

Was there much interest? I was thinking about viewing it maybe in the new year, but at that price you’d still need a fair wad of cash left over to do it up

Don’t know, there were a few others there - but some looked like neighbours in for a look.
EA was giving it the usual “lots of interest” etc etc. Said there had been another viewing, but hard to know. Didn’t ask about offers as I ruled it out straight away based on 500k to buy it, and 100k to refit. I don’t have that money, and if I did you’d get a lot of house elsewhere further in towards Harold’s Cross for that money.
It’d probably want to drop another 50k at least before you could then spend 100k on it.

Also, might not be a consideration for you but rush-hour traffic on that road approaching KCR is horrendous. Carlisle Gym is there too, which is huge and ups the car count considerably on the road. Especially as you approach from that side then turning right.
Great value gym by the way - but saving 30euro a month doesn’t factor if you’ve the ability to sink 600k into a house! :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, there is an amazing house in Harold’s Cross for 595 so if I had the 495k plus the 100k refurb -well just buy the other one!

The map has the house in the wrong place. It’s actually further up the road, closer to the Ashleaf shopping Centre end of Kimmage Road West

It’s an extremely busy road as others have said. However, when you see how far in from the road the house is, that might be enough for some people. If it’s in as bad a state as is being said above, I could see it going for 450-460, but as usual, it only takes 2

A 100K for a refit of a built like a brick shithouse house like that? You could open the field available to yourself if you did an exercise or two in actually pricing up the cost of a refurb on such a house.

Is there double glazing all round? Look like it even if it isn’t bang up to date.

My guess would be that:

  • there’s no attic insulation

  • that the 4 fireplaces are working

  • that there’s no modern heating system

… all of which would drag the BER down around it’s ankles.

insert a 20%-larger-than-the-flue-diameter soft child’s football in each of the fireplace flues (effectively and reversibly blocks the flue, whilst allowing a little ventilation) , install modern heating and insulate the attic and you’ll effectively (BER cert doesn’t recognize a child’s football as a certifible fix for a fireplace) get up to the upper D BER

You’re 5K down

Lash on the external insulation to side and rear if you fancy it, draughtproof doors and skirting/floor junctions properly (and get the windows adjusted if necessary. Insulated-slab the interior walls to the front and you’re snug.

You’re another 10-15K down

Decorate and new kitchen/bathroom and you’re done. Or not?

Maybe, but that sounds a bit Celtic Tiger to me. I’ve never seen a properly fully insulated attic, and fully refitted heating system (pipes ran under redone floors to the new radiators - not the 2002-2007 version of running them along the skirting boards - for a 2 storey house of that size & age, including boiler for 5k total including VAT. But you might be right.

I was including in that 100k: heating system, windows/ doors, attic insulation, some external insulation, maybe a replaster of a room or two after internal insulation, potentially re-wiring (it looked rough but it might be servicable), new kitchen, bathroom, new carpets, 5-10k of furniture & fittings.

Also, potentially opening out the back of house a little bit - that would be expensive, but more expensive/awkward to do after you are living in it. If you didn’t do that, you’d probably come in under the 100k alright, but not as inexpensively as you suggest I think.

If you’re a builder/ fitter and you’re available to do that scale of work for those prices then let me know - I can go after a slightly bigger fixer-upper! :slight_smile:


It says there’s gas fired central heating - it could potentially be ok

There is - but it’ll need a new boiler & some relocated radiators at least. I’m not saying it’s a terrible house - it just needs work. Go have a look at it, and get a feel for it.

Its on the better side of the road too in the sense that the front gardens are decent sized. Important on a busy road

Ah, EAs… :unamused:

Was 495k, now 450k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2951932

Looked at this one just after the new year and it’s probably not miles off in terms of condition but way cheaper.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2888521
It will make a great home if somebody is prepared to put some effort into the refurb.

nearly rented one next door to that a few years ago - baulked at the end, it’s not a bad house in itself, but the whole locale is really depressing imo, it’s just grey, dreary and dismal - I still live not particularly far away and I’m in walkinstown/crumlin several times a week, it’s fine in terms of services and amenities (i wouldn’t fancy sending the kids to school there though), but there’s nothing that would entice me to live there.
That’s reflected in the relative prices of the two properties in this thread too, the kimmage road west property is on the limit of where us Terenure folk will live :slight_smile:

Yeah Crowellsfort Rd, there’s nothing* wrong* with it but the best thing about it is probably accessibility to other places, example being a 15 min walk to Terenure or Bushy.

sold 427k 21/08/15