WIW 18 st. Bridget's Road (Brigid's Road), Drumcondra, D3

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/2092298 (URL no longer valid, see below for link)

09.09.12 asking 370k.

Went to see this yesterday during the open viewing, along with a good view others.

Overall, an appealing property, plenty of people lingered. However, the floors are bowed on both levels. By this I mean not that they sag in the middle of the floor but along the sides of the property. It’s as if the middle of the house is holding it up from sinking evenly into the ground. This was especially noticeable in the top front bedroom and the room below it. The bay window has cracks suggesting it is falling away from the house and the back corner of the kitchen extension seems to be falling off as well. The property isn’t too far from a rail line that is recessed. Does anyone know if this area was specifically built up as a reclaimed floodplain in the early 1900s? Any other thoughts about the house/area would be welcome.

The URL above is not working anymore…seems to have changed to this one. I note that the URL has the wrong spelling of the street name…The house is also mapped incorrectly.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2098932

lisney.com/Residential/18-St … lin-9.aspx

Don’t know the area that well - but certainly looks like a fine house. What would the rent be on someplace like this?

Throw 100k renovation costs into this and you might have a better end product?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ad/2054640

I don’t know what the rent would be. Thank you for suggesting the Drumcondra Road alternative. In fact, I welcome the principles you suggest: lower purchase price, paying for my own renovation mistakes rather than someone else’s, a larger property altogether… However, a quiet location is important to me, and Drumcondra Road doesn’t offer that (of course, I don’t know how often that train goes by Brigid’s, either).

“Don’t know the area that well - but certainly looks like a fine house”

By the way, among my questions is how fine a house it really is – I’ve not seen before a house that has floors that slope to the sides from the middle to parallel, mid-terrace walls, rather than in the middle. Is that a kind of subsidence that is likely to have reached its lowest level, or would one expect more? Would the neighbors on both sides be suffering as well?

Drumcondra Road house has no garden or parking remotely close by. It really is only suitable for rental and not family home. Fact its listed does not help.

18 St. Brigid’s Road doesn’t have off street parking. I guess that will rule a lot of people out.

Purchasers, anyway, in the sense described above. Why would Drumcondra Rd be fit for habitation by renters, if not purchasers?

You can at least park on Brigids Road. No where nearby on Drumcondra. No garden. Cost of re-instating listed house in 4 units to private house IMO not viable. More then likely to appeal to those renting without need for garden or parking would be reason. Nothing to do with condition or otherwise of property.

Thanks. I still don’t understand why renters are more likely not to wish to park. If it were so apartments would be bigger for the lack of need to accommodate car parking in the same facility.

In any case, do you have an opinion on the value of number 18? I see that number 17, across the street, has just this evening come on the market, asking 20k more, at 395k. It appears to have the disadvantage of a poorly conceived kitchen extension. Of course, the kitchen in 17 doesn’t have an obvious sag to the left, as no. 18 does, in its photos.

Link to 17 St. Brigid’s Road:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2103397

Looks nice. As 18 is West facing assume that garden in 17 is East (might not be a big deal for you) The last one on the road to sell I think was 12. It was around €390,000 also. Nice extension and attic was also done.

Yes, I think that was the asking price, but does anybody know what it went for?

Didn’t realise there was no garden/parking… This looks better?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2098933

According to the EA there is an offer of €330k for number 18.

What would be your max for this property?

Highest offer still 330k. Somebody seemed to have a surveyor in tow today. Many people at the open viewing.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1828398

www.psr.ie says that this house went for 385k in June 2012. It has a fancy kitchen extension and the attic done. Should put number 18 (which lacks the fancy kitchen and attic conversion) in context.

For when the myhome disappears - that is 6 St brigid asking 450

PPR says it sold for 375.5k.

I quite liked this place but I think the purchaser overpaid by about 40-50k.

Got word that number 16 is now sale agreed at > 540,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2401695

In my view, number 8 had a much nicer kitchen.
I went to see 16. Kitchen was small and the presses were full of washing stuff and boilers (really needed a ultility room) and there was a pointless attic. Lovely sitting room and lovely old period features, but 540k??!!!


540k in the end, eh? Really liked this house but given nextdoor sold for 375,5k less than a year ago, I lost interest when the EA said the bid was up to 485k a few weeks back. Wonder to what extent the vendor’s furnishings/decor contributed to that price. Must say that the first 2 floors were stunning (although have to agree the attic was a bit of a botch job).

Best of luck to whoever did buy it though.