WIW 18 The Green, Cypress Downs, Templeogue

Another WIW- can’t help but see houses like these and think- surely you would pick that up for 650k at this stage as they’ve been up so long and I think one went for 700k (word of mouth). Of course you’d have to have that kid of money which I’m guessing only a small portion of people do!! But What do you think a big 5 bed detach like these are worth?!

I suppose what I’m getting at is- has the upper end of the market adjusted quicker because its a smaller market of people who have that kind of money?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6w/204592

If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t be spending it on those gold taps. Haven’t they heard? Bling is sooooo passé darling.

Not sure that the upper end of the market HAS adjusted (but there again I have no expertise on properties in that price bracket :unamused:

For that kind of money, I’d want a a kitchen, not a galley.

I think they’re more of the “goldie-coloured” variety of tap (as in “goldie-coloured chain”) rather than the actual “gold” variety . Plus the house is SO on top of the one next door, its almost semi-detached.

Great fake weather they’re getting in Templeogue these days though. :smiley:

From what I can see, It looks like it’s on an estate created by one builder, consequently all the houses look more or less identical. If I had that much money to spend, I’d rather purchase a character property, not on a big estate, and in a more convenient area… (dart line preferably). So if I were to value this, I would have it in the 400 - 500 k bracket - but I wouldn’t buy it :slight_smile:

And no photos of the garden so it must be tiny. I do actually have that kind of money (and I am on the search but no rush) and I am looking for a detached house (but really separate, not on top of another one like another poster mentioned before) and with a big piece of garden, preferably a quarter of an acre or more. I would not put up with the “galley style” kitchen either. Agree with the posters above, 500k tops but i would not pay even that for that property. Also agree that 600k is way above its value in 2012 and 2020, who knows what will happen in 2030 though.

…or even if we will still be alive!!! :smiley:

Another pinster out there with a few bob squirreled away, waiting for the day. I have said before that I suspect there are more people out there in a position to buy than some pinsters seem to believe. There mightn’t be credit, but there is caaassh 8DD

There is, but not enough to have a significant enough impact as will affect the inevitable.

We actually need the bank to lend us about 75% of that but it should not be a problem, husband is in a secure job earnings well upwards of 100k

Maybe, but enough to ensure that there still is (and may always be) a dearth good houses at realistic prices :angry:


Without wanting to be a miseryguts, you really should not be borrowing much more than 2.5 times income. The banks may lend you more but we have about 100,000,000,000 reasons to suspect their judgement.

Think about it. You buy a place for €500,000 and borrow €375,000 over 20 years. As things stand you’ll be paying about €2,000 per month. Interest rate increases could easily push this towards €3,000. At the same time, taxes will probably increase. We could easily reach the stage where a €120,000 gross income means €75,000 take home. Even with these not very extreme scenarios, you could find nearly half your income going to your mortgage. Life is too short for that.

Hiya Comstock, thanks for your concern. I have actually been through this before in here on a few occasions. I live in a big house right now and it makes a big difference to our lives actually and so does the garden. We do not mind spending a big chunk of our take-home pay into a mortgage for a house that is going to make us happy, even if that is close to half of our take-home pay temporarily. Plenty of money left over for health insurance, trips, colleges for the kids, good (private) schools etc. Plus our salaries will go up at some stage whenever. I mostly stay at home with my kids bar for a few hours so I am not missing out on being with my kids so that we can pay for a mortgage, nor do I see myself at any stage of my life spending a few grand a month just on spoiling ourselves. That does not mean that we live on the breadline in order to pay a mortgage! Everything in good measure.

I hope I have put my point accross :slight_smile:

It’s all relative anyway. If half your take home is €100k (or whatever), you’ll probably manage on the remaining 100k post mortgage. Or the 60k if the rate rocketed. It’s a hell of a lot different if half your take home is 25k (or other similarly small amount) as you may not be able to cope if the rate rocketed. If you can afford it having a large garden for kids is gold, really. So I think I get your point, I hope :slight_smile:

But you’d never buy this house puesyo, or even in this estate I assume - it’s utterly, utterly awful.

Exactly it’s all relative. Even in the worst case scenario we would still have upwards of 3k after-mortgage to spend on a family of four every month, so when one can choose how to spend “spare cash” (very hardly earned I can assure you) one can go and choose one’s little treat and I suppose having a nice house with a big garden for the kids to run around is one of the treats we choose to spend that cash on, same as we could be spending hundreds a month in golf, drinking or whatever else one is into. We also travel quite a bit cos we like that. I would choose to earn less and have less money and have my husband working less hours but unfortunately that is not an option.

And no, we’re not interested in this house, not even remotely!