WIW - 19 Emmet St, D1. 3 bed end of terrace.


Horrible area. I wouldn’t live there in a fit.

No window in the kitchen, it seems.

For €335k you might be able to get something, albeit smaller, in Drumcondra.

Agreed, a nice terraced red brick on a road like church avenue in Drumcondra should be available for that kind of money

maybe it should be… but its not!

I am really struggling to imagine who would spend 300k+ on this as a PPR. 2 mins on google maps or streetview or even better a quick stroll around is all you need.

totally agree, lived around the corner as a student would never consider it as a PPR, especially if you have kids

€300k: myhome.ie/residential/brochure/1 … -9/3308848

€325k: myhome.ie/residential/brochure/4 … -3/3247093

I’m at a bit of a loss how a tired and cramped house, fresh from years of bedsit duty, with effectively no outdoor space, and a dodgy extension, located directly across from a pub, and also facing the location of a recent gangland murder, qualifies as a ‘nicer’ option. It’s not even a red brick! :wink:

The Clonliffe road place is nice looking, but I’d have thought Ballybough would be on your horrid list too?

Both of those areas are better than Emmet Street, in my opinion.

For €335k, if you want to stay within walking distance of town, you’re generally going to be looking at houses that are in horrid areas, it’s a matter of choosing the least horrid. The options I pointed out are less horrid than Emmet Street.

True, I wouldn’t want to live near a pub, either.

And, yes, Ballybough is on my horrid list but Clonliffe Road isn’t too bad, for that part of town, though too noisy for me.

You’re simply not going to get a pretty, spacious red-brick anywhere half-decent for that kind of money, sadly, we’d all like one at that price.

My own feeling is that in the present market it is worth about 280K.
At this at a point where I feel the market for places like this is actually on the decline.

Belated admission - I’m the owner/vendor.

There’s an offer in at €340k, following on from a number of interested bidders.

I understand that the area isn’t for everyone, but it’s nowhere near the awful spot that some believe. In fact there’s been interest from some renting neighbours who really want to remain on the street (bank is selling their place and didn’t want to entertain offers from the sitting tenants). We’ve been there for 18 years, so know the positives and negatives pretty intimately. We’re hopefully moving to a very nearby location (need more space as a home office is taking over), so, again you can probably read something into that. Any inner city living is going to involve exposure to less than delightful sights from time to time, but it’s terrible convenient for all that the city offers, and walking/cycling to wherever in short order. The area is as safe or dangerous as any other part of the city.

Congrats Hex.
It’s v well presented and at 114 sqm it’s a reasonable size although I’m not sure what’s going on with the metal clad rear sections.

Hi, Hex.

We were one of your underbidders. We loved your house and the things you’ve done with it, including the aluminium cladding on the back of the extension. My wife had some misgivings about the location as we’d have been moving there with our six year old.

As it happens, we went sale agreed on a different style but similarly-sized and similarly-priced (ultimately, though the asking was deliberately set low to generate interest) place in North Strand, which had the advantage of being on a somewhat more isolated street.

Had we been childless, we would’ve jumped at your place which, other than the location, was my favourite of the three we were bidding on (the third being Auburn Cottage in Phibsboro).

The Clonliffe house mentioned earlier isn’t even in the same league as yours, by the way.

Congrats on the offer and good luck with the move.

Thanks jehosephat, and congratulations!.

It wasn’t 12 Northbrook Terrace you bought by any chance? We’ve friends down that vicinity and they’ve been very happy there. It’s definitely a lot quieter!

I understand about the kid concern thing. There’s some charmers of a peer group around, and secondary school options are problematic - either pricey private, pretty rough, or pretty distant. We’ve another friend who’s facing into what to do there (though there’s a great primary locally).

Hex, you started a WiW thread about a house you were selling without even disclosing it?

That sets a poor precedent. Is the Pin now a free ad site?

The cladding is a marmite aspect to the place alright. It’s a '40’s/'50’s vintage flat roof extension with no insulation, that we put an insulated copper reverse pitch roof on, and external insulation on the walls. Rather than just render, we opted to clad it in a self-designed aluminium panel arrangement - mainly because I loved the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and Tom dePaor’s copper clad pumping station in Clontarf. It’s practical too - no real maintenance required. But yeah - not for everyone.

I posted because I wanted some views on what the place was worth - as per topic. The site would make an awful advertising platform in all fairness - you’re far more likely to generate negative comments about a property than good. I was sneaky because I expected revealing my connection would stifle honest reactions.

So - apologies for being devious, but it wasn’t to advertise.

Hex, thanks for sharing your experience. This thread confirms a feeling I’ve had for a while. WIW threads tend to be overly negative, focusing on whatever minor downsides there are. Posters often suggest that the asking price is far too high. In reality, houses are still going over the asking price regularly.

Link to comprehensive stats proving this?

  1. Clearly there are quite a number of properties that make above asking. So you don’t really need ‘stats’ to demonstrate that properties sell for above asking frequently/regularly.

  2. The CSO price index demonstrates a slow increase in property sales values nationally. Unless every vendor is pricing their places above those price increases, you’d expect that sales above asking prices would account for at least some of those price increases.