WIW - 19 Emmet St, D1. 3 bed end of terrace.

Fine opinion will do, who needs facts/stats anyways?

The regularity of properties selling above asking is a fact.

Quite how you believe you can dispute this?.. I’m at a loss.

If it’s fact show me the stats that show this, if not it’s just opinion.

P.S. Are you Rafa Benitez? :smiley:

I don’t really see the utility of knowing whether properties are selling under or over asking.

I think we feel that this sort of knowledge ought to be useful, but in practice it just feeds the dangerous idea that there is any such thing as “market value”.

If we’d have had better data in the bubble it would have only been used to justify ludicrous prices.

People should make up their own minds about the value of a thing.

Lots of facts out there. You don’t need the cosseting of ‘stats’ to recognise them as such. This is one of those instances.

With regard to the OP.

Agreed offer above asking, but purchaser has now backed out on account of a foreign job commitment. So it’s back on the market. :cry:

Grand - aliens regularly visit earth. I don’t have any evidence to prove it but it’s a fact so I don’t need stats to prove it. Nano Nano

You seem confused.

There’s ample evidence of the properties selling for more than asking, and none for alien visitation. Conversely there are stats for ufo sightings, but no evidence. It really only takes a modicum of critical thinking to determine the fact of one, and not of the other.

I give up - fact.

Sorry to hear Hex.
Hope it goes sale agreed again shortly.


Goes Sale agreed above asking obviously :smiley:

Another offer in above asking.

What is the asking?


Good value at that - good luck with sale.