WIW 19 Madison Court, Grattan St

Location not bad, not clear if it has parking. Price still a bit optimistic?

[Mod edit] I presume this is the apartment you are talking about?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/1318081

A 600sq ft shitbox somewhere like Parnell St is worth about 60k IMO, so I’d give this an extra 15k for the ‘better’ address (although I can’t stand the area.)

There are no 600 sq ft 1 bed room apartments in Parnell st.

This is a good rental property, 5 minutes from Trinity and should rent very easily.

Given size and location it should rent for approximately €900-1000.

Sorry I omitted link! Thanks, mod, that’s the one.

About 90k, based on landlords rentals.