WIW- 198 Corrib Road, Terenure, 425k (in theory)

Well the offer is 490 or so. It was 445 on Friday.


Who would be going for this at this level… Someone passionate about the area or investor, me thinks…

Nice tidy home but it felt like more of a starter place rather than a house for a family to grow up in.

South west garden and looks like a high end extension and 4 bedrooms to boot in a sought after area.

This seems to be the exact kind of thing people are after and hence bidding frenzy.

Definitely not an investor IMO.

Coincidentally i know someone who sold a house half the size (lower specced house) with a very compromised garden for around 500k in late 2006 just around the corner.

Thought this would go for 460-465 (in the current mini-bubbly-madness) but it’ll go for over 500 now. Still 5 bidders involved (according to the EA).

It is genuinely a superbly done house. Some of the most well thought out features and work I’ve seen in some time.

But the price is still utterly and completely mental.

490k for a mid terrace 1,300 sq ft house on Corrib Rd XX
Fook me, this is just nuts

Ok in my view, Corrib Road is way over rated, the property is a terraced former Council property. It has been over capitalised and I don’t think it is worth this money. Go down the commuter belt a tad and you would get a full on mansion for this money. However I can’t quantify how valuable access to local schools are to the buyer etc. I imagine that is someone indigenous to the area, renting or similar and this is worth the pay out to them. I personally feel that it is still an old Council property and is not worth nigh on half a million. Crazy, hey ho, bring it on.

does semi detached mean the front and back walls aren’t attached to anything and terraced mean surrounded on all sides now ? Or is the EA suggesting its priced as a semi detached ?

I think it a lovely job. We viewed one of these houses back in the day and thought it was so limited, would never have thought you could do so much with it. I think it’s lovely for a ground family but being so open-plan wouldn’t be ideal later on. Either way I didn’t like the road that much so wouldn’t be interested but not at all surprised that it’s popular.
How much do you reckon a refurb like that would set you back?

I’ve seen the house, it has a lovely extension done, and a good garden. However, 2 of 4 bedrooms are pretty small and it is only partially semi-detached. I can’t understand why people are willing to pay 500k (or more) for it. Any chance of fake bids (just guessing)?

in the same area, some needing work, some not.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2634271

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/1797049

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2291804

this is a mad price for corrib rd

I cannot believe this price. Has anyone an idea where the money is coming from?

I mean this is a starter home, it’s still quite small.
Glad I’m out of the country for a few years, crazy prices!

Corrib road must be more up and coming than anyone thought.

Think it is simply a supply issue and highly paid professionals (IT, Legal, Tax, Consultancy etc) are competing for this type of property because they’ll live there.

Remember trying to talk a colleauge into buying a house on Corrib Road or Fergus Road(?) with me as an investment back in the 90s. He had one look at the yellow and black bolllards on the road and that was enough to put him off.

With respect conflicted, do you not think these types would be looking at something a little more upmarket than Corrib Road? Go and visit the local pub, the KCR house, not exactly the Leinster jersey donning, ‘gin & ton ton’ brigade.

Maybe they think these types are wankers and want to get as far away from them as possible. There’s a whole spectrum of humanity out there.

To afford the house you need to be relatively highly paid, even assuming a 100K deposit you are looking at repayments of say 2K a month which suggests you would really want a disposble after tax income of at least 6K a month which I think implies you need to be relatively well paid, 72K after tax implies a household income of well over 100K . I guess it’s a very up and coming price alright but I agree that you’re unlikely to have a lot of Ross O Carroll types swigging beer in your local on a Friday

In fact what I am really trying to say here is that I’d say a lot of the current occupants could not afford to live there based on their earnings. ie it has becaome a more expensive area relative to earnings if that makes sense

Good point, but it’s likely that the majority of houses on the road are more akin to this one - myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2582680

Would they not be heading 10 mins in the opposite direction to Bradys for their pints of Heino?

A good and reasonable work out! Also need to mention that if you have 2 or more children, even with the above presumed income might be tight. And if anything at all happens to one of the job, you will be screwed.

I don’t know, not sure if there are a lot money floating around now again or just some people trying to make up the market.

Via EA today: sale agreed for 500+.

oh god, thats some price!

I guess 300 euro a square ft is not that mad for a house in terenure

House ticks a lot of boxes, is in walk in condition, sw garden which makes up for some of the negatives.