WIW 2 Ailesbury Gardens, Ballsbridge

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2069395

AMV €680k

At least €200k of a refurb needed.

I really like this road and properties here rarely come up for sale. I really don’t know what to value it at post-refurb, but the AMV is a little bit steep IMO. I’m not saying they won’t get it, I just don’t think that I’d give €480/sqft for something requiring complete renovation. I’ve never lived there, but I would imagine there’s still quite a bit of noise from the DART a few metres from your house.

Aislebury Gardens was under water last October when the floods hit…At least 7 or 8 houses were flooded badly…I don’t think this one was but an insurance company might have issues with insuring it?

Sale agreed

Auction on 20-9-12

Anybody know how much it went for?

Goodled but couldn’t find it. Do Lisney put results on their website? Appears not

Try Google … much better hit rate. :smiley: :-GC

According to this site

Property Week : A Valuation Tool For Professionals
DEAL: 2 Ailesbury Gardens, Ballsbridge fetches €850,000. Lisney conducted the executor sale and its …

Did they mistakenly think it was 2 Ailesbury Road?
1m after refurbishment, this is not a 1m house.