WIW 2 Castlepark, Sandymount D4

Any thoughts?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1554062

This says semi d but may as well be terraced. What’s the difference? about 4 feet and 40 grand.

I guess you could start with what it would rent for.
Maybe 1,700 per month:

1,700 * 12mths / 5% yield = 408,000
Its a generic house. Maybe you really want to get a bit more yield…if you go to 6% it comes out at 340,000

I suppose the difference is it has side access which a terrace wouldn’t. It was a proper semi, with a large side garden and a garage. The current owners knocked down the garage and built a house in the side garden and they now live in that.

Ivan Yates is on the road, you could ask him what he’s paying!

I love Sandymount, but I wouldn’t pay anything like half a million for that sorry soul-less concrete box.

Has disappeared from myhome now!

Strange it has disappeared from myhome. I pass this road on my way to work so I drove in to have a look this morning. It is a great location - a really nice quiet road very near the village. The house in the side garden is a bit too close to this one for my liking but there are a couple of other houses in this estate which have been really nicely done up which made me think this one has potential. But over priced at €500k I think.

Back now at a higher price :open_mouth:

Sale Agreed