WIW 2 Cullenswood Gardens, Ranelagh

2 Cullenswood Gardens. 3 bed, 1200 sq ft, Looks in good condition. Asking €500k.


I say €440k, but it’s not as far off at that asking.

It certainly puts No 9 in perspective. That’s a 5 bed, approx 1600 sq ft, is asking €795k and needs work! That’s a crazy price. Discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=46634&p=632019&hilit=Cullenswood#p632019

Do I have another bid…?

600k. Haven’t seen it tho.

Well over asking.


Well at that bidding I’m out. Guys, it’s not worth that much. If mortgaged at 90% it will be in negative equity in two years, IMO. Why are we doing it all over again?

Its still asking €417 per sq ft which is a hefty chunk of change in anyones books, it is also only 110 sqm which not big as a family home which is the demographic this will sell to.

Isn’t it obvious? We have to get on the ladder quickly, we’ll never get the opportunity to live in a mediocre home in an above average area for €600k+ again in our lifetimes because the country is just doing so well. :smiley:

Isn’t this that company that has been acting so suspect as discussed in a previous thread?

I’d be very wary of this as the asking price is significantly below market value imo and the company may be a bit shady. Worth putting a call in tomorrow to see how they react to some questioning…

€563 / sq ft :open_mouth:

I would not call that a mediocre house, its a 1930’s built 1200 sqft home in very good condtion with a garage and side enterance and a large southerly garden. And describing the good part of Ranelagh as an above average area? a more fiting discripiton would be arguably the most expensive area per square foot to live in Ireland.

Seems to be going rate for that area, look at the house on Hollybank road in ranelagh for sale, no off street parking, smaller, terraced, and a small garden, its asking 550K, this house would have to at least have 20% premium (125k) on it IMO, also a 2 bed 2200sqft terraced house has gone sale agreed on warwick terrace asking 1.2 million, its a very expesive place to live.

Anyone that spends 600k+ for that size of a house is a fool.


gunne.ie/dsp_print_SA_showho … e=Ranelagh

Be interesting to eventually see what this one went for.

Shur we’ll have the database by the end of the month :smiley:

If you’d describe it as the most expensive area per square foot in Ireland, you might be right in the current market based on this price. It’s higher per square foot than most of the best roads in Dublin. You’d struggle to get that much per square foot for a house on Ailesbury Road these days - but naturally there are far more buyers with 600k+ to spend than €2m+. Cullenswood Gardens enjoys a very enviable location, no argument there, and this particular house has a great garden so I have no doubt it will sell - there are of course other options out there in great areas that would give more than 1,200sqft for this kind of money - but if you want to live in the middle of Ranelagh then of course this will appeal (even though these houses are not particularly pretty IMO).

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Boring road, grey. Boring houses. Not remotely the best road in Dublin.

But to me it just average :smiling_imp:

I think it’s an above average house is a well above average area but what kind of salary would you need to be on to service at 675k mortgage? I think people on that kind of money would be right in expecting something a lot more impressive for their money. I still think it will get over 600k which just goes to prove there is lots of downward movement needed still.

Ranelagh is a premium area and it will be for a long time to come. But this road and the house is drab, boring and has a very basic finish.

It will get 600K+ without a doubt.

I can’t work out the thinking of people who are willing to spend this kind of money on 1200 sqft of drab, but presume it is explained by Ranelagh’s premium badge and the point made that more sheep have access to 600K’ish than 2m.

The Hollybank house is smaller but prettier - I think there’s a premium attached to pretty redbricks, which this is not. It’s tiny though with a deathtrap attic, so I don’t think its worth the money. Ranelagh is so expensive. Given this house is already being talked up on propertypin though, I guess it’ll go over asking! Bml you don’t live in the area do you? Not that I am insinuating that you have an interest in talking up the prices!


Fools and the bank’s money are easy parted.

They’ll be crying on the television soon and blaming the government because they can’t afford to go on holiday, etc. To add insult to injury they’ll be expecting folks who were not foolish to sympathise. Old story.