WIW - 2 Highfield Ct., Marley Grange, Rathfarnham, D 16

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This house seems lovely and quite spacious. I don’t know this part of Rathfarnham at all. Is it worth E675,000?

The relatively low BER - D1- is the only thing that is putting me off. It’s a shame to have to go to the trouble of insulation and then redecorating when the house is in such good condition to start from.

Garden is south facing.

What’s the public transportation like? What’s the bus service like?

Is it worth €675? No

At almost €400 per sq foot, I expect something more than a postage stamp for a garden.

I got a D2 on my house but got the chap to detail specifically what would happen if I changed x, y and z. Blocking up the chimney and putting a modern c/heating burner in would have brought it up to C3. It wouldn’t have been fatally difficult/expensive to get it up to C1 either.

So it need not be that the underlying fabric of the house is* that* bad in order to attract a low BER

Right, but the worst case scenario for a buyer is that all the cheap work has been done already to get it to D1.

FWIW I live in a D-rated home and it’s the second warmest place I’ve ever lived (the warmest was a 2-storey apartment over a shop).

Taking the cert numbers at face value, gas bill comes out at around €170/month.

If you are spending 700k on a house, that really shouldn’t be scary.

IMO this is in the nicest estate around that part of Rathfarnham. Close to Marley but transport links not great. Very leafy around there.

However, this house backs onto the Grange Road and garden would be noisy enough I would think.

See what no. 3 Manor Green goes for to form a view on price here (>900K I believe!). I’d guess this is partly motivating seller to put it on the market now. I believe this house was for sale about 4 years ago and I assume it never sold.

There does seem to be a reasonable supply of houses like this around rathfarnham. Would much prefer the 115 Pine Valley Avenue price for this money, not sure if it went sale agreed, last I heard offers just under 600 on it.

575-590 seems like a reasonable price to me (for current market) but this one could catch a bid. Bigger houses in this estate don’t come up often and you might get one or two people who have their eye on it (as happened for the Manor Green House and pushed the price up significantly).

I live very close to there and in terms of schools, shopping and recreation the location is really very good. I think it’s well overpriced at 675k asking.

Seems very expensive to me, certainly no bargain. The houses are a bit on top of one another in that little cul de sac.

The number 16 bus goes in to town from across the road, it’s a pretty good service, going every 10 mins in the morning and as it begins just down the road it’s reliable enough. Takes about 45 mins on average to Westmoreland street.

115 Pine Valley Avenue sold for €600k on 4-9-13

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/2862418

Sale agreed, first attemp to sell around September 2010

propertypriceregister.ie/we … enDocument

Sold for 640k as per ppr