WIW - 2 Mount Argus Way, Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W

This has caught my attention now that we’re back in the market.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/3160236

No question it’s overpriced and it’s come down from an even more ridiculous 520k a few months ago. I like the fact that it’s detached and the style of the house, although the interior could definitely do with a bit of a refresh. On the downside it’s quite boxy and although a reasonable size, not exactly huge.


expensive IMO

Here’s another recent thread on Mt Argus

Yeah thanks I saw that thread alright… definitely a bit wary about the area but my main concern before was the lack of decent sound-proofing in the houses whereas that wouldn’t be an issue with detached. Will view it and see but we certainly won’t be offering anywhere near the asking on number 2 that’s for sure, if at all.

I live close by and wouldn’t have any worries about the area.
Especially in at the back of the estate like this house is…no traffic noise, very quiet and peaceful

But even 400k would be too much IMO but what do I know…I’m 4 years on here and still haven’t bought!

Nothing on the PPR suggests they’ll get anything like the asking on this… I know one sold for 595k but that was with a site attached that had PP so totally different ball-game there… so yeah maybe around 400 or less might be fair value for this one taking that into account.

Were the houses all built by the same builders do you know? The redbricks look alot better than the terraced houses although that’s not to say build quality is any better to be fair.

No idea, before my time in Dublin. But the pillar at the entrance has what seems to be a builders name engraved in, so I would guess all were done by the same developer

Think they were all built by Joe Tiernan. Who has a decent reputation for quality

Yeah, Joe Tiernan. Passed by it this morning and saw the name

I saw this. It needs work but nothing major. It’s an ex rental and you can tell. It is the same lay out as the others in the same style, with a smallish kitchen extension. There was an offer of 400k rejected outright. Never followed up on it so I don’t know what the position is now. The semi D at the front of the estate is more done up (but no extension) and is asking 485k and apparently an offer of 465k was rejected.

There’s a huge difference in price, well asking price anyway, between the smaller terraced ones at the back of the estate and the redbrick detached ones.

If the semi-D you are referring to is no 4 then that’s actually sale agreed (think around 470ish) this week I believe.

Going to look at no 2 on Tuesday now so will report back more then.

Ouch it was. If number 4 went for 470 then no chance of getting number 2 at 400ish in my humble opinion. It may be detached and have a small extension, but it was not done up like the semi and the location is not as good, although that’s probably a personal preference - the semi D faces the park and looks really nice, number 2 is on a little road. It’s perfectly lovely, but facing the park is nicer in my opinion. The semi D is done up as well, but I don’t think it would cost that much (470-400=70k) to get the detached one up to the same standard. Apart from the little extension and the fact the semi had the kitchen and dining knocked in, the layout is the exact same, from the ensuite to the wardrobes to the little shelves on the wall. Please report back!

So looked at this house on Monday and although it didn’t have any wow factor we really like it and can see alot of potential in it. It certainly needs some work (new bathrooms, kitchen, floors, painting) and could probably do with a new bigger extension and possibly an attic conversion too but alot of that could be done over time.

The EA openly admitted that she thought it was overpriced and said the vendor may be open to offer and invited us to test the water. We’ve got a few more places to look at first before considering any bids for here but we if we do it would be a sub 440 one at best (-10% ish). In fairness the place has been on the market for 2mths and not much has happened so hard to see how they’ll get anything like close to the asking. On the downside the vendor lives somewhere else and is under no pressure to sell so if she doesn’t get what she wants may just rent it out again (it is an ex-rental but only for a few mths according to the EA).

Now going to look at this house in Rathgar on Saturday which looks very interesting, location is perfect for us and only a stones throw from where we are currently renting (again seems overpriced). Expecting a busy opening viewing as they always are before things either die down or heat up!

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3356862

Saw this again today and we’re going to weigh up if we’re going to make an offer or not. The vendor is under no pressure to sell and there’s currently no offers (and not that much interest from what I can see) so we might just consider making a first and final offer for what we think it’s worth and are willing to pay taking everything into account.

Now… a couple of questions for anybody in the know:

  1. Has the Poddle river ever flooded these estates? The houses on Mount Argus way seem fairly elevated over the river so it looks unlikely, but then again I’ve literally live no experience of any floods, ever!

  2. The walls around the house (on the inside) aren’t solid concrete (same as the terraced ones). What does this mean exactly in terms of build quality and insulation?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this! :slight_smile:

re #1…No, not to the best of my knowledge. It has flooded just down past there at Mt Argus Rd in the hollow below Mt Jerome cemetery. Some houses and the bottom story of the Duplexes got washed out about 5 years ago.

Thanks Freefalling.

Still weighing up if we’re going to make an offer on this or now and for how much.

Incidentally, we would definitely want to be renovating/extending the house a bit if we were to buy it. Something along the lines of No 1 Mount Argus View - daft.ie/dublin/houses-for-re … in-1560105

I wonder how much something along those lines would cost in total, including the extension. I’m guessing 60k or thereabouts?

Whatever it costs, that looks really good.