WIW 2 Seaview Avenue Clontarf

We bought a house around the corner from this. When I saw it I thought of it for a friend but my jaw dropped at the askingmyhome.ie/residential/brochure/2-seaview-avenue-north-clontarf-dublin-3/2806983

Hardly surprising when you see the estate agent…they really are going for broke with the asking prices

For the record, asking 670k :angry:

12 months ago , everything was selling above asking. Now virtually nothing is so they are setting the bar really high , and trying to make out to the purchaser that they are getting a deal.
Some deal. 2014 will see the return of the low-ball offer with this kind of tactic.

Not even a parking space though

How much did you pay DeeK?

Between 625 and 665

I’ve bid on 3 houses in the last two months and all have gone well above the asking price in the 300/400k range.