WIW 2 Whitehall Gardens, ?Terenure

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Know this is not really Terenure, but anyone familiar with the area.
I know it’s close to Priory Estate which has newer houses.
Is there a halting site nearby.?

Halting site is at these coordinates in Google Maps: 53.308743,-6.313879

I live in the Priory estate, not far from this house. Any questions about the area / amenities, just ask!

halting site is by the Pines, top of the Whitehall Rd

here’s a previous thread on a house on this road that took a long time to sell in 2012 …it went for 346k!!! Thats a 30% rise in 18 months …DNG’s 5k a month theory holds water here!
They seem similar enough to me if I recall correctly, both with long north facing gardens though this one has a lane running down by it which could be a problem. The other one was far more modernised though than this

the Poddle runs right under these houses and I know from friends in Priory walk that they very nearly got flooded there 2 years ago when the river burst the storm drains.
Have you experienced any flooding issues around here or do you think Whitehall Gardens would be in the line of fire if there was floods?


I know the Poddle runs underground close to these houses and surfaces again further down at the KCR at Poddle Park: thats where the flooding damage was done in the flooding in October '11. I can tell you our back garden was very soggy, but we werent flooded! Not sure if the sogginess was due to the ground becoming saturated with the downpours, or the underground Poddle expanding and the water table rising: no idea. I dont know the path the Poddle takes underground, but I suspect its directly under the waste ground between Whitehall Gardens and Wainsfort Drive.

Just looking at the Poddle above ground where it re-surfaces in Poddle Park at the 54A bus stop: it is only a very minor river, little more than a stream.

I’m going to head around to that cul-de-sac where the house is and check it out this evening, so I’ll report back my findings!

it’s only a minor river is true, but when it flooded it caused a lot of damage down through Harold’s Cross as far as the canal

Had a quick look at this and spoke to one of the neighbours. Not much information gleaned really. He said he had no issues with flooding. Also, the houses were built in the 1930’s using mass concrete: solid as a very solid thing, but are very cold / damp unless they have been internally or externally insulated. He did say the owner of the adjacent alley tried and failed to get planning for a bungalow; it would’ve been one skinny bungalow.

Looking at google maps and bing maps, all the houses in that cul-de-sac have really big back gardens, so there is the potential to extend out, and do a 2 storey extension where the existing garage is, if one has the appetite / money for it. Thats it, really!

PS: There were a few drive-by snoopers for the 10 minutes I was there. Methinks I’ll attend the open viewing on Saturday, and this one around the corner which is asking for mad money! myhome.ie/residential/brochure/24-whitehall-road-terenure-dublin-12/2777022

That one around the corner which is asking for mad money is far bigger with two story extention already built, bigger rec rooms, bigger bedrooms and AP not far off from being achieved

And as we all probably know: the Poddle runs on into the city centre where it joins the Liffey near Dublin Castle. Where the castle is now it formed a black pool. Or as you might say in Irish: Dubh Linn. Which gave rise to the name… Dublin.

Will view tomorrow… Wonder will th 6W draw the usual crowds!

see you there :smiling_imp:

went to see this earlier. About a dozen or so couples mainly while I was there for the last 20 mins of it or so.

House needs a lot of work/modernising and defo needs an extension IMO. There’s a few oddities about that it would need hammering out in any renovation. Noise from the whitehall road is very audible and there’s no speed bumps, so cars are going full pelt.
So if I was to buy this, I’d be looking at spending 150-180k on it to extend, redesign the house and bring the garden up to scratch.

Heard the EA confirm that someone tried to get planning for townhouses on the lane beside the house but it did’nt go through.
Could’nt get any info on the river and where it goes under. The locals would probably know if asked.

So what’ll it go for? Hard to say. If it was sub 400k I’d probably show some interest myself but it’s likely to go close to or slightly over asking…anything that starts with a 4 in SCD these days and has 3+ bedrooms attracts major attention.

Viewed on Saturday, wasn’t as many punters as at the usual open viewings.

Agree, house needs a lot of modernising/ kitchen extension. I noticed the adjoining house had a big extension. Which I imagine would block a lot of light from this house :frowning:

That said, I really fell for the garden. And the location is good. Whitehall road is busy enough but this cul de sac appealed to us.

Would also consider another viewing with view to offer. Interesting to see if any offers during the week…

This is bidding at 470k. 24 Whitehall Rd bidding at 680k.

wow, and I was thinking if it went under asking, I’d be interested myself.

So 346k 18 months ago for a house practically next door and in far better shape than this which is at 470k and rising

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I was going to post this in the worst value thread, but then saw that 24 whitehall road had an offer of 670K on it - honestly. you’d think this property was actually in D6W and not in D12 (presume this was a typo by the EA).

As you can probably gather, I think that anyone thinking of buying at anywhere near asking is nuts, the property is in decent nick, but it’s small and despite the extremely misleading picture, there is no space around this property and internally it’s pretty tight. I suppose you could get rid of the annexe and totally redesign the internals, but it’d cost a few quid.

Anyone attend the open viewing today, poor early attendance from what I hear.