WIW 20 Carrickbrack Lawn Suttonwww.myhome.ie/1610459

Has anyone viewed this? Its a G rating so obviously need insulating and windows. All view welcome

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 13/1610459

Vaguely remember one just like this at circa 800k around 2007.

Ah…several schoolmates lived in these and looking at the living room picture brought back happy memories of listening to Neil Young and The Doors during, “free” houses. (These places were much favoured by Aer Lingus pilots when they were first built).
Can’t vouch for the house itself but the area is fantastic: a short walk to the sea, cliff walks, etc. Also, a decent primary school a short walk away. The DART is a long walk - about 25 minutes at least and Sutton Cross is a traffic bottleneck during rush hour. Pubs are non existant in Sutton apart from the bar of the Marine Hotel but a lot of people do their socialising in clubs -Golf, Tennis and Yacht clubs - all of which have fairly busy bars!