WIW 20 rathdown avenue terrenue

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2582335

What do people think? Lots of plus with the park, off street parking, private etc but seems overpriced at 495 per sq ft no?

it’s Terenure…overpricing is the norm around those parts

There are very few places in Ireland that I would think have second-hand houses that are worth more than EUR300 per sq foot and none of them are in Terenure.

The interior photos are brighter than the exterior would suggest. And it is probably nice beside the park. But a BER rating of E2 indicates a lot of work will need to be done.

I’d imagine somone will stump up something not a million miles away from asking on this one.
It is nice around there but price is very high.

You are next to Bushy Park which is a nice resource and Terenure village itself which actually does have the amenities EAs usually have to lie about!

M50 is not too far but your options for public transport are all slow and road-based which would put me off.

there are a load of buses into the city from here - trick is to walk to a stop past terenure cross roads though as it is a real bottle neck.

#34 rathdown avenue (exact same style house) went for 570K in march 2013 and it was a 4 bed, had a longer back garden.
still on myhome - myhome.ie/1952779

They are looking for a sucker here.

All it takes it one sucker, Blackdog. I fear there are still a few around.

I am not saying it’s worth it but the market in certain places is up a fair bit. If there was a long lead in time for 34 to eventually sell i could see thus one going for something beginning with a 6. 750 does look ambitious