WIW - 20 Spencer Villas

How does this make sense, €1.875m for this? Is it Sherry Fitzgerald that are cowboys convincing sellers, is the market entirely overheated or am I just wrong?

It works out at almost 9k per sqm, even houses in Sandycove and Dalky don’t price at that level for 4 bed family homes…

Prices at the high end of the market have spiked upwards 20% this season

It makes absolutely no sense but unfortunately houses around there are getting asking price offers on day 1 of viewings.

its is massively punchy, but even though its glenageary it is very proximite to sandycove and glasthule and reasonably well presented.

id be amazed if it gets that but who knows any more.

looks like its the going rate now in spencer villas


That is a hell of a house. 7.8k per sqm . Looks like nothing needs doing. Think that’s pretty fairly priced.