WIW - 201 Barton Road East, Dunrdrum

Hey all, long time lurker first time poster on here.

Just seen this property come up in an area that I was interested in and really cannot believe the asking price that it is up at. I have noted that prices in the area had risen in last year or two but this asking price to me does not make sense. Surely this will not go for near the asking price. Similar properties in the area were going for €400k about two years ago.

What do pinsters think this property is worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2780662

I think Barton Rd has gone mad…not so long ago, they were barely tipping 400k. Now they’re all pushing 600k.
Mental stuff

I am delighted to see this place at 550.
This is proof positive to me ( as if I needed it ) - we are headed for the big bang part deux.
And this will probably make 10% over asking - meaning some pleb will pay 600k for a 3 bed semi d on a busy road !

To give you some perspective 200 Barton Road East went for €362,000 on 14/2/2012. Whatever we think it is worth I can see someone paying this and more in the current market conditions. The location with Dundrum Town Centre, Luas, easy access to the M50 will be highlighted by the local EA. However, Barton Road East, as noted above, is a very busy road, and this house is very close to the roundabout feeding traffic in and out of the town centre. Seriously from October onwards until after Christmas you will have very major traffic snarl ups. Also look at the BER. I remember this house being done up in recent years but it has an E2!

213 Barton Road East probably a better comparison as it is on the same side of road (southerly facing garden) as 201 and it went for €405,000 on 08/06/2012. 213 looks like it may have been slightly bigger also as was listed at 138 sqm and 201 is listed as 130sqm (though that may just be the Estate Agents Measuring Tape being a bit off, as can sometime happen :slight_smile: ).

So that is a jump of €145k from June 2012 to the current asking.

Great location but not great value!
This is a 4 bed roomed house that has been “upgraded” to a three bed roomed one plus it has been extended out the back.
€550k seems crazy but the craziness appears to have returned !!!

I was wondering why it is advertised as 3 bed when floor plans show a 4th bedroom upstairs. This must be a very small room. Are there size limits on what can be called a bedroom?

Health and Safety…fire reg reasons

I know these houses and the original bathrooms are very small…it appears the owners have converted one of the original bedrooms into large bathroom but are left now with original bathroom which is too small for a bedroom or even an office …possible use as a walk in wardrobe or a “box” room!

Did anyone go to the viewing on Saturday. What did you think?

€630,000 is the current offer!

Jesus H.

Anyone have an idea what the full bubble price for this would have been?

Your fookin kiddin me :open_mouth:

I can tell you exactly, actually! This house was €780k in summer 2006, the boomiest of the boom. Tells you just where we are in the market when people who bought at the height of the boom are happy enough with current selling prices to sell up (assuming the house actually sold). 8DD Other less tarted houses were 700k at the same time (211 Barton Road East).

My heart genuinely goes out to people who are that desperate to buy at the moment. My only solace in all of this is knowing that the people buying these houses are borrowing on low multiples and will therefore likely be the ones who are forced to pay it back when/if this all goes belly up, rather than the rest of us who are sitting the market out in sheer awe of the current lunacy.

That’s insane! May I ask how you know, and is there any documentary evidence of the old price?

I have documentary evidence, yes.

I’m really sad.

I couldn’t remember if this was the exact house but I remember one asking 780 back around then. I thought it needed a bit work too.

Dundrum and the luas effect resulted in some sky high prices around 06.

Oh my dear lord… That is absolutely bonkers
I’d much prefer to bought in '06 on a tracker…

Can’t believe this has gotten to €630k already with first viewing only being on Saturday. Wonder is this someone just messing with Estate Agent or has it been bid up between competing parties?

Has anyone an update on what current offer is on this place?