WIW: 21 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland

Just printed on the register in an off market deal
09/10/2013 €4,750,000.00 21 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

I have no recollection of when this house was originally bought
They seem to have done a major and very large rebuild (+7000 sq ft)
Looks like it also includes a large mews house at the end (I could be wrong here)

cantrellcrowley.com/Resident … ublin4.php

Oooh that is very nice
Love the stuff that Cantrell & Crowley do
I believe that it did come with the full length garden and mews house at the end
In fairness, other equivalent houses (18 Ailesbury Road) with similar layout and garden went for 4.5m
21 must have at least 1m more in re-design if not 2m all in (C&C are not cheap - 300sq ft over 7000 sq ft hurts)

seem to be the architect of choice for the “great and good”. fairly poor designs though IMHO

Is this Papa Smurf’s K-club McMansion?
cantrellcrowley.com/Resident … ildare.php

When you also compare this to the recent sale of 1 Ailesbury Road for 3m, I think 21 Ailesbury is a much better deal
(only done a few weeks before 1 Ailesbury)
You get a 1.5-2m make-over + full length garden + mews house vs. 1 Ailesbury ?
1 Ailesbury was a full price for a compromised property which is heavily overlooked
(and will need 2 yrs in build and planning)?

Moreridge Limited applying for retention of windows in the mews house after DCC Planning Enforecement issued a letter of warning. (Planning ref: 2924/14)

Directors of Moreridge are Tom Cleary & Jackie Cleary. Interestingly, the prior owner of the house was also Tom Cleary according to planning docs - so it seems they’re just changing the ownership structure, with no real change of owner. The Clearys are also the sole directors of Palin Properties Ltd, which were the developers of Apartments 1-6, 38 South Hill, Darty - which is now for sale for €1.85m with Savills. search.savills.ie/Properties/Com … -1–6.aspx
Company search reveals that Palin Properties Ltd & Palin Developments Ltd have had receivers appointed, effective 17/10/2013. Grant Thornton appointed receivers to Palin Developments by Bank of Scotland with four separate charges dating from 2004 and 2008.

In the space of a week, one of the companies they are the sole directors of is put into receivership for debts owed to Bank of Scotland, another company of which they are sole directors of splashes out €4.75m on a mansion. Separate legal personality is just wonderful. :angry: 8DD