WIW 21 Emmet Road, Kilmainham


Any ideas what a refurb would cost? Seems specious but definitely needs to be modernised.

New plumbing & wiring and everything else.
119 sq.m. / 1,286 sq.ft. leads me to think €150k.
€200k if you want to add an extension.

It’s Inchicore not Kilmainham as advertised. Check was this street flooded during last major floods…maybe not, can’t recall.

Key disadvantage about this property/area is that Emmet Road is not a particularly nice road. Busy with traffic, frequently littered and generally ugly, very mixed in terms of types of properties. That said it is close to some very nice amenities (Ph. Park, Memorial Garden, IMMA). More Inchicore than Kilmainham but the latter is 2 mins away and well serviced with transport links.

Took a drive past the property last night, almost half way between Inchicore and Kilmainham. The street traffic doesn’t bother me so much but there does seem to be quite a mix of properties on the road.

Still worth viewing on Saturday I reckon. Thanks!

Forensically check if there are any flooding issues at **the rear **of this property.

There was flooding in Kearns Place just down Emmet Rd Kilmainham towards Inchicore and on Lady’s Lane Kilmainham which is the town side of the SCR in 2011 as the river Camac runs behind that I house I believe. It may be on a height but flood water can come up sinks and toilets. The refurbishment should factor in flood proofing toilets etc. See floodmaps.ie/ I would check with insurers weather that property is considered a flood risk or not.

Just at the viewing, queues literally down the road, lovely house one great double extension a couple of doors down that could be replicated. Quiet enough considering the location. Probably too much work for me but he ho

I have relatives on the road and, yes, flooding has been an issue with the Camac and the house needs to be flood-proofed if it is not already.

Was at the viewing at the weekend, unreal amount of people at the viewing must have been well over 100 viewing parties, nice place but needs a fair bit of work but could be turned into something very nice, even though its north facing at the rear.
What price do you think it will end up going for.

The interest at viewing suggests it will go for well above asking. Not sure if it is worth more than 350k considering all the work that needs to be done.

When you Google the address, this thread appears 2nd from top. The realities, which might not be otherwise known are now known to these interested bidders. And a number can be expected to become disinterested as a result - e.g. flooding might not have been a known factor. But is now.

A quick question regarding flood proofing can it actually be done in a feasible manner to a property such as this, I know you can put non return valves on the toilets / sinks/ drains etc.You can also invest in sealable doors etc but if there were to be 2 to three foot of water to come up, which is most likely the case in future based on recent flooding over the last 20 years etc or is it just a simple risk that certain people will be willing to take,

Ok rang a guy down in limerick regarding the various flooding proofing measure that could be used for the property i.e flood gates/ non-return valves etc. In a nutshell, as the house is old and a damp proof course will not be in place, this will allow the water to migrate through the floor even if the flood proofing measures were 100% effective, which would act as an actual barrier to let out the water when it subsides.
This leads me to the question, what discount should you be getting on a property that will most likely flood irrespective of the various flood proofing measures you undertake, personally speaking this particular house is not worth taking the risk, but would like to hear your views on the matter.

I’d say there won’t be much discount on the basis of flooding, folk just don’t forward-think enough.

Personally, I would never buy/rent a house that had a substantial flood risk. If it comes to pass, you’ll have a world of pain and hassle. Also would have concerns about effects on foundations/subsidence from silt/fines migration and the like if there’s too much water table activity.

I’m on the same thinking as you, to bring the house up to scratch you are looking at least a 100k refurb probably closer to 150k, and you are left with an insurable property that will most likely flood.