WIW- 21 Parnell Road, Harold's Cross


Just spotted this today in the irish times irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.2014514

Looks like a really nice house, although the dining area looks a bit pokey, I love the family room at the back. Any thoughts on the location… it’s a bit further up than Harold’s cross I would have thought

Busy road and watch for flooding. A girl drowned in 1 of the basement flats along this stretch of road a couple of years ago when the Camac running underground burst through at the canal

Yeah, check the flood incidents maps & info on the net. I believe that there are a few streets/areas there on left hand side of road as you approach town, and at right hand side of canal as you approach town that flood severely.

Or you can skip the maps and just ring the insuance companies, they’ll have no problem giving you a “No”.

True - but no harm to also get a feel for the flood risks in the area anyway.
While that house might not have had a flood claim on it - neighbouring houses might not have fared so well. It could be a matter of time.

Flood risks are very localised. Half a road might flood but not other half/side. All about the elevation! Or worse - the underground drainage infrastructure!

That would be the Poddle. It runs in very close proximity to a lot of houses as far back as Templeogue.

While that is true and it is clearly beneficial to familiarise yourself with the precise areas of historical flooding events, the insurance companies’ view of what constitutes a “risk” only needs to be near a previously flooded area and not actually in it.

Did this recently for a property we were looking at in Cabra. Insurance company said they would insure it - but premium would be very high. House had not flooded before “as far as their claims indicated” but as there had been flooding in neighbouring properties they were applying a risk-premium.

Insurance companies do not normally provide that type of detail over the phone or in writing.

Or to put it another way the girl/boy in the call center does not access to that type of information :slight_smile:

Jebus!! You’ve put me off.

You are right. They don’t provide that info normally. My insurance broker did the leg work. He can make the calls that I can’t!


Check this out. The main flow of the Poddle (not the Camac - that runs west of here through Inchicore/Kilmainham) does run extremely close to this house. However I have been in no 24 (the closest house to the river on this map) and it definitely doesn’t have a basement flat do any of the houses along this stretch?

I know that the area around Dolphins Barn bridge experienced bad flooding during the time mentioned above, and another separate arm of the Poddle runs under here.

Definitely more research needed.

Yes. Quite a few houses along that road have basements. The unfortunate lady that drowned there a few years back was sleeping in one if I remember correctly. She was a Filipino nurse I think. Very sad.

That was a quite exceptional storm that night if you remember. Getting home from work was a real trek because a huge number of roads were closed around Dublin. There was a river running down Wexford street a couple of feet deep. We might not get a flash flood like that again for a generation.

I remember that well alright as I am sure most will, it was an absolute nightmare. We might get it in 2 generations’ time or we might get it in 2 months time, I don’t think weather patterns are becoming more predictable than before but off-topic…

Offer of 535k in

No 18 sold for 380k last year I believe.

For sale again, I believe it has gone sale agreed and fallen through twice at this point…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/3245862

Seems this is back for sale again…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/3245862

Wonder why it keeps falling through

Could just be bad luck. I feel sorry for the vendors. It looks like a nice house but I think the flooding in that area in the last few years has really frightened the horses. It’s hard luck for anyone living around there as their house could be perfectly fine, a few feet/ metres can make all the difference and I believe the poddle flood defences have been improved since 2011. A lot depends on insurance companies though.

If insurance companies won’t insure a property for whatever reason then banks won’t let people draw down a mortgage on that property. In that case only a cash buyer could purchase. I’m not saying that’s the case here by the way. Maybe they’ve just had a run of bad luck with flaky buyers.