WIW 22 Balllyroan Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Anyone any insights on this area for transport and schools? Comments on the house itself or what it might cost to renovate? What might it go for?

22 Ballyroad Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

I’ve been to view this house a good while back, as well as many other other houses in the vicinity in the last few months. All the rooms are quite small. Pokey feel to the house overall. If you have a young and expanding family, this house would inevitably need an extension built (maybe 2-storey if you have the budget for it). The converted garage is currently being used as a hair-dressing salon. Some of the locks on the windows upstairs were broken, so these would need fixing / replacing. All the electrical fittings were really dated, so re-wiring a must. I believe the house is still being lived in, so it is being maintained, e.g. smells ok. Ballyroan road is reasonably busy, but not mad. Many regular buses available 3 minute stroll to the N81 (15, 74, 75, 49). There are schools up the other end of the Ballyroan Road (Sancta Maria (girls) and another I think), which are just about within walking distance. Back garden was a good size, and good aspect: road noise was not bad out back. Overall? Maybe 60-70k to make this a decent family home. I believe there are no offers on this, so could be worth a cheeky.

102 Ballyroan Road is further up the road: larger footprint but in quite poor condition. No central heating, smells terrible. Has stair lift, which could be fun for kids! Outside loo was flooded. Requires serious gutting and maybe extending / wall knocking. According to EA recently, an offer of 280k was rejected on this. Crazy…

If you’re looking in this area, you should consider houses on the Ann Devlin road. Much much quieter (blue rinse brigade), little traffic. Sherry Fitz have one listed for 340k. Offer of 280k rejected as well. Needs work, but really long back garden to extend out. Also on the Ann Devlin road, Gunne have one for 350k. It has a big side garden. An offer of 305k being actively considered.

Its a bit morbid, but there could be real value in this immediate area in the coming years, as the grim reaper is loitering with serious intent.

Jimmy, that’s all ridiculously useful - thanks a million!

Good news about the looming procession of funeral processions. :smiley:

Transport : 15 bus route is regular and not too slow into town. M50 close enough.

Primaries : there are several, Secondaries loads as well I grew up in the area and people cycled as far as De La Salle churchtown for school,

How about the mix of public vs private schools? I’m not entirely closed to private schools but obviously the costs would have to be factored in.

What is wrong with this failed state that people have to wait for someone to die before they can get a suitable house ffs!!! :unamused:

I would not be happy with kids living on the Ballyroan Road. Traffic whizzes along it all day. And it’s a strange road - it’s pretty straight with long slow corners, meaning people drive at a fair click up there, and yet along its length there are several of these long, slow corners that create blind spots and very dangerous crossing points. Your house would be sitting right on this road.

I think you’re much better looking in the area behind Ballyroan Road to the north between it and Butterfield Avenue - Marian, Anne Devlin, Orchardstwon etc. Nice area, and much better for kids and general peace and quiet. Reasonable value in there now too.

Thanks Larry, appreciate your local knowledge. (Would have been privately shocked and disappointed had you not contributed to a thread on this part of the world :slight_smile: )

So, time to go snooping around Anne Devlin etc. There was a grand looking house on Marian Crescent asking 298k which is now sale agreed. It has disappeared then reappeared on MyHome a couple of times. Obviously needs work but looks to be approaching value if indeed this is a nice corner of Rathfarnham. Might be too late for that particular place but if others see sub 300k as a reasonable asking price it could become tempting.

Would anyone have local insights on Grange Road? I see there are four houses there at the moment ranging from 345k to 449k and wonder how that area compares with the Butterfield/Ballyroan side of D14?

The house on Marian crescent has a sold sign on it now. Does anyone have any opinion as to why houses in Butterfield are looking for so much more than the houses in ballyroan/Ann devlin areas.
E.g this house on Butterfield drive www.myhome.ie/1801511

I sold my house on Marian cres. in 2000, for 249k, it had a big kitchen extension and four bedrooms upstairs, converted garage and downstairs loo, lovely long garden. At the time Butterfield always seemed to have premium, never understood it myself, but some of the houses are lovely pre war, which appeals to some buyers.

Hi Laura,
The price differential is simply because Butterfield is in Rathfarnham and is considered a more affluent area than Ballyroan. Some of the folk living on Butterfield Ave get pretty annoyed if you mistake Butterfield Avenue with Ann Devlin or the Ballyroan rd. I’ve been scolded once or twice. Personally I wouldnt pay a big premium to live in the same house that is only five minutes away. I’d say all the areas you mentioned have reasonsable amenities and share the same schools, transportation, etc.

I quite like Ballyroan Road, has a wide avenue feel to it and I never noticed much in the way of speeding/dangerous driving having walked & cycled there daily for years(knocklyon road and firhouse road have routine speeding though). At night, I was lucky if more than 3 or 4 cars passed me as I walked the whole length of it to be honest.

Thanks for your replies. I realise that the houses in Butterfield would be worth more, but I don’t think they are worth 200k more! So maybe a cheeky offer is in order!

For me, Ballyroan road will always be the road that Philip Cairns was from.


Doesn’t bear thinking about

you won’t like butterfield avenure then either what with the 90s arson murdrers.
plus twink lived on the road for some time.

any building experts out there…what would it cost to take any of those 3 houses currently on Anne Devlin rd and:
build over the garage to add a 4th bedroom ensuite
extend to the back, ground floor only by 20 to 30 feet

then there’d be some refurb cost needed on the existing house but lets leave that aside for the purpose of this exercise

I had a serious look at a house last year that needed work and paid a QS a few hundred to give an accurate cost. Well worth it.
I got a quote to knock a single story garage replace it with a two storey, convert attic and square off an existing kitchen extension (adding maybe 10 x 20).
All finished to a decent standard but nothing too fancy. Included changing windows in whole house and a couple of bathroom suites.
Came in about 120K.

thanks for that Blackdog, greatly appreciated.
so a bit of modernisation around the rest of the hosue and you’d have a modern gaff for 150k work…so if you could get these houses down to 250k or under, they would be worth a punt.

I don’t know Ann Devlin Rd at all, so would have to spend some time up there to get a feel for it…locals, traffic noise etc…but I’m interested now I have to say. I had ignored these houses for the past yr as they basically don’t appeal to me (plus 2 are’nt 4 beds).
But now that houses are selling and the nicer gaffs in this area I’ve been watching have stopped falling to sub 450k/500k>>>i may have to cut my cloth to measure

I lived around there for a few years. Great location. Near parks, shops, library (being renovated at moment), couple of pubs etc. few minutes to mountains.
Near M50 and biking distance to the city. Rathfarnham village is not great. Lots of green areas about.
Traffic can be bad around there at peak times. Walking distance to schools off ballyroan road and there is a coi one on washington lane.
If you have any specific questions on the area just ask…

I’d say 150K is a big budget for a house this size.