WIW 22 Balllyroan Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

thanks again
I know the general area and have drank in the Orchard a fair few times! don’t live too far from there at present but need a bigger gaff
it’s just that particular road I’ve never been on.
bus service not great around there and most going to town have to deal with the nightmare that is Terenure village and Harolds X

If I knew right now that I could buy 1 of them, turn it into a 4 bed…1600 sq ft or so, modernise it etc and it would all come to 400k, I’d take it.
Like I said not my ideal gaff at the moment (Riversdale a bit further away is even though practically no back garden but they ain’t budging from 600k in the current market) but things starting to move and this may be as good as I can afford this close to my general area

Value in 44 Marian Crescent? I disagree, a family with kids should not be forced to only one bathroom (and upstairs ffs).
I also see the kitchen as being too small for a family (even with one child).
Am I missing something?

‘forced to only one bathroom’!

that’s a bit strong…it’s not as though we’re talking about the slums in Calcutta here!

A second bathroom is great but not absolutely essential IMHO. Certainly you’d manage for a few years and could extend at some stage - maybe add one when converting the garage at a later date.

While we’re talking about value in this general next of the woods. There’s one in Grange Park for 350k. I’m not suggestion that’s good value! Obviously a long way to go, not least because it’s in need of work. But on the same street is 40 Grange Park for 265k It too needs a facelift (and maybe more thorough surgery for all I know) but the price has dropped a few times already and perhaps could even go <250k in the glorious post-property-database era due this summer.

Downside of 40 Grange Park is the triangular garden. That explains a small amount of the price gap between it and number 47 - but only a small amount. They are essentially the same house in the same location. So if number 40 is, say, 250k, what would number 47 go for?

And how does this area compare with others mentioned on this thread - Ballyroan, Anne Devlin, Marian, Butterfield, Grange Road? I know people have said Butterfield is a nicer spot than some of the others, but in terms of value, would 250k in Grange Park not look more tempting?

Grange Park backs onto Tara Hill which is possibly the ugliest area of public housing in Ireland, although it’s not as rough as it used to be. I believe it’s the last remaining example of “corrugated iron” as a building material in Dublin after other estates in places like Ballyfermot were demolished and rebuilt years ago. Pluses are St. Enda’s park on your doorstep and Marley not too far and easier access to Rathfarnham village and Nutgrove shopping centre.

maps.google.ie/maps?hl=en&ll=53. … 13,0,6.29