WIW 22 Northbrook road


On offer for 1.95… Number 23 sold for €2m last year which would be a good indicator although number 22 is staged to look like a residential unit at the moment but still no kitchen, no en suites and an unusual kitchenette on the return…

Beautiful house though, red brick ranelagh… It could go for the €2m?

Was going to mention the lack of parking being a major issue at that price but

Not sure how convenient parking is but likely this will run away with itself price wise anyway,its a lovely house.

I viewed it on Saturday and I have to say I was fairly underwhelmed. There is parking to the front but it is right on the road and they have removed the railings. It looks odd and I can’t see them being able to put them back in as a car wouldn’t fit then, as it is the car parked will be sticking out onto the road. Hall is gorgeous as are the two main rooms. There are awful tiles everywhere which I hate and the house was freezing, for the life of me I couldn’t understand why the didn’t turn on the heat. No garden really to speak of and I think it would take a lot of work to transform the ground floor. Looks a lot better online, I would be surprised if it made 2
23 was a stellar house and had a very expensive refurb (over a million I heard) so if it does make 2 it will show how much the market has moved on in the last year

It looks like there is parking to the rear also, so plenty of choice.

There sure is but then you don’t really have a garden. If I was spending €2m on a house I would expect to be able to park my car in my private drive to the front and be able to enjoy a rear private garden.

Is that too much to ask for €2m?

Apparently in Ireland yes.

Wonder if it sold the first time - it’s a commercial property, so not on the register.

Back up for €2.85m and still an office layout-wise - no kitchen, just one full bathroom, etc.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3565049

90% sure it did not sell first time (owner was in court with IBRC / State).

A lot of work is needed to make this a “house”.

This is really an office, and I don’t think it can do more than 4 bedrooms (if that), despite the large sq ft.

Looks like they haven’t done anything to it either in that time, apart from remove the furniture which was rented to “stage” the house
It was fairly hideous so it looks better without it !

Planning permission lodged to change this to residential use:

Web Reference Application Date: 27-Apr-2016
Planning Application Reference: 2761/16 Registration Date: 27-Apr-2016
Decision Date: Application Type: Permission
Final Grant Date: Extension of time to:
Last Date for Observations: 31-May-2016
Main Location: 22, Northbrook Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Name Brian Goulding
Company Brihar Financial Trading Ltd
Company Address 40 Kenilworth Square, Dublin 6

PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Permission is sought for change of use from Hotel / Offices to single residential use at 22 Northbrook Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, which is a Protected Structure, for Brihar Financial Trading Limited. The property is zoned Z2, Residential Conservation Area. It is not proposed that there would be any physical change to the layout of the property or curtilage.

That explains it.
He is a long standing acquaintance of the borrower.
Someone who was bidding on this a while back was told by the EA it was gone (and for a “mad” price - i.e. stop asking).
They didn’t see it on the register, OR any publicity by EA (always keen to publish “mad” prices as “market” prices).
Suspected that the sale had fallen through.
Obviously however there was a different connection here between buyer+borrower+EA.

ethernet floorboxes and banks of wall sockets in a magnificently refurbished Victorian residence?