WIW - 22 Nutgrove Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1615754

Thought this looks a nice house, and reasonable value in todays market.

Am I wrong? Is it a money pit?

Bear in mind that it’s a 4 bed with only 1150 sq/ft.
Also it has just 1 bathroom.
The pictures scream ‘old person’.

Fine for renting out to students, but if you want a modern house, then you are looking at converting it into a 3 bed with en-suite.
The lack of internal pictures indicate to me that a serious renovation job may be in order.

Spot on with comments, even at a 3 bed it would be small.

Now €410k:myhome.ie/1615754 and here daft.ie/1619803
History from Property Bee:

That price reduction came very quickly after this thread started … are we being watched ? :nin

As I am the OP, am not sure or not if this is aimed at me.

Anyway, I am not the owner of this nice property in Clonskeagh. I wouldnt mind being the owner, but I dont think I will be.

Had a look at this place out of curiosity.

Saw a link for here on the net.

Thought I would comment & say its not worth 400,000 infact it needs about 50,000/100,000 spent on it to bring it up to good standard living which im looking for.

Way overpriced & thats why its been on the market for ages.

Now sale agreed.

Sale price according to the Register: 05/04/2012 22 Nutgrove Park, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14: €403,000