WIW 23 Northumberland Avenue - Dun Laoghaire

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viewing this saturday. for auction mid Feb. seems expensive given the amount of upgrading/renovation it more than likely needs to convert to family home?

any thoughts on the area for people familiar with Dun Laoghaire? House itself?

Prices in DL really have firmed. That is a €1m home as it need €300k put in. Will go for around 645k is my guess.

Thanks for the reply. How would you compare the renovation costs of DL to say this BK property?

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Roughly same sq ft with the blackrock property requiring in addition internal stairs to connect the 2 self contained units?
Would you think you are looking at both costing ballpark 1m at the end of the day?
Is it a good idea to just use the general rule of thumb being 1000 per sq meter to renovate?

It very much depends on what you’re planning to do. And very much on the basic condition of the house. Roof redone or no roof redone, rising damp or no rising damp, rotten windows or no rotten windows (you can upgrade existing windows for a fraction of replacement double glazed sashes) will make a big difference.

As does the kind of fit out you’re planning. And whether you want to extend or do other significant structurals

Are either of the houses listed and if so, would you follow the letter of the law concerning renovating same?

Fair enough. Neither listed. Dl only showing on Saturday so will know more then. The bk property, roof needs attention, some damp downstairs, insulation needed, windows ok but only single glazing, extension needed for proper kitchen and internal stairs to reconnect the two self contained units. So basically everything for the blackrock house. Am familiar with general costs for above but what about building new stairs to connect two floors that are at the moment 2 separate self contained units.

To me it looks like it could still be of interest to a local investor, or someone who wants to live in the upper floor and let out the two apartments below while they save to afford the major renovation. Maybe that’s why they are going for an auction?

You can usually get four parking permits from DLRcoco per house so with a bit of an decor upgrade you might (guessing) be able to get €900 per lower floor apartment and €1300 for the upper floor… making it worth €558k (x15 annual rent) to €744k (x20 annual rent).

My guess is that it will go for around €700k with the whiff of capital appreciation in the air.

Lucky so… although I’m not sure how many teeth the listed building protectorate possess

Having failed to do so myself during a recent period refurb, it strikes me as wise to do the roof during any significant restoration. Usually flashings will be in poor condition, nails holding slates will be corroded away and ridge tiles mortar will have crumbled away. Most insurance co. won’t insure you if your roof is over 100 years old in any case - which isn’t to say you have to do other than re-nail/flash/mortar ridge tiles if that is all that is needed.

Was the house always separate units or is that a later idea. Either way, I wouldn’t envisage significant problems installing a stairs to connect the two floors - there’s not a whole lot to a timber studded /joisted house

For the BLK house - originally that house and the one next door was the 1 house. then it was divided in the middle into two seperate houses (the house next door to the left inherited ‘the stairs’/ the house on the right which is the house for sale is the one in current 2 units, 1 up - 1 down)

The DL and BLK houses date back to 1900 and 1860 so prob both suffer the same issues/same repair needs/same conversion needs.