WIW 24 Fortfield Avenue, Terenure D6W 750k

750k for a recently done up house with ext out the back measuring 2,142 sq ft (350 per sq ft) which I guess includes the attic open space.
Not really a semi-d as they say, but sure, all the EA’s try that one. And only D2 despite the amount of work done.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2688419

while not comparing like with like given the differences in the houses on this road, the most achieved so far per the PPR is 507k back in 2011
propertypriceregister.ie/We … d%20avenue

It ticks a lot of the boxes as a family home so should attract some interest. Though it seems to me that once you cross the 650/700k in the D6W general area, it’s hard to get buyers

3 houses in fortfield (2 on drive, 1 on park) have sold for over 800K in the last few months.

The sum of all bedrooms is 35sqm.
The kitchen is 54sqm.

That is just idiotic.

ad has being updated with the following:

Whats the story with that?

I think it means that they welcome gazumpers…

fek, I though it was something legal perhaps indicating a bank sale!

They’re actually encouraging gazumpers :open_mouth: …I’d withdraw that 750k bid if I was involved in this and saw a line like that.

The more reputable EAs will stop ACTIVELY promoting a property when there is a “handshake” agreement. Of course the deal isn’t done until it is done, so it is not Illegal for Castle to do this. But my blood would boil if they did that to me as a buyer. I would insist that they take down such an offensive invitation. If they could not take my offer in good faith, I would be inclined to withdraw and probably let the vendor know that the EA’s behaviour was the reason for the lost sale.

I’ve said this before. Castle employee induction/training is to watch the film boiler room

They are dodgey and shoddy IMO

I’d hate to have to deal with them

Seems legit enough. They are merely stating that they have received an offer, and are inviting higher offerers before they agree anything.

There is no suggestion of a handshake deal already.
(that said, Castle are crap)

Edit - depends on the wording “…WHEN OFFERS ARE ACCEPTED”. That implies agreeement so is unacceptable.
They may mean when offers are received - but as I said Castle are crap.

It’s for legal purpose - Most likely receiver / bank sale had similar when buying property through gunnes

Dropped to 720k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2688419

Where is the offer of €750,000 now??? :unamused:
Enticing a gullible public.

and they’ve changed the wording of the notice to read that they now have an offer of 720k!!!

LOL, U gota love the bare cheek. :laughing: