WIW - 24 Haroldville Avenue, Rialto

This is more a curiosity than anything. A four bed red-bricked house going in Rialto for 250k. I haven’t seen the inside, but the place looks from the pictures to be in good condition. I pass by there regularly, and there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong.


The thing I can’t understand is that less than a km up the road going towards Kilmainham, there are similar houses being sold for twice that amount:


I know the one in Kilmainham is in better condition, done up better etc,… but still, twice the price better ?

Is there something that I’m missing? Is it that Rialto is a particularly bad part of town to live in that I don’t know about or didn’t notice? Or are these just examples of particularly good/bad value ?

What do people thing? Is this an example of a place that is reasonable value ?

first house is situated between dolphins barn and herberton (old fatima mansions), location of second house while not to far away is much better though not worth the asking

Must bear in mind that the second house is nearly 70% bigger than the first.

Rialto has a bad reputation due to the location of certain local authority housing areas, and has been described as a “slum” on this board. Dolphin House is very quiet these days, and while a minority rough element does still exist around Herberton, the majority of people there bought privately in the re-development. Depends on what you want from your living situation. Leafy, middle class suburb it ain’t, and despite what you may think from reading this forum, not everyone wants that.

Differential in price seems about right. South Circular Road house perhaps 50k overpriced.
South Circular Road house is in a much better area and also house looks far nicer to me. The only thing is that the Haroldville House is on a street with less traffic but otherwise the other house wins hands down IMHO.

any thoughts on buying in RIalto?
I’ve no young children, would be just adults in the household and would love to move back near the city from Lucan now that my son has left school,
I’m generally concerned re safety/ break ins etc (tho I know that can happen anywhere)

I really like the style of some of the houses in Rialto ie

would welcome any opinions/ experiences of living in Rialto

Hi carolmon, a few other topics come up on this when you use the search function, such as the attached, which also includes a link to an earlier topic about rialto.
Best of luck

I went for a drive around the general area yesterday, I really liked a lot of Rialto inc Carrick Terrace but WTF is happening with St Anthony’s Road?
It looks like something from a film set…derelict boarded up houses, gangs of very shady characters hanging about, very bad vibe here.

Anybody know what plans DCC have for this street and why it has gotten to such a dilapidated state? It seems out of sync with the surrounding streets.