WIW 24 Kenley Crescent Westgate Road Bishopstown

Asking €485k 5 bed 3 bath I bought here nearly 4 years ago seems too rich to me what think ye


Jeez maybe I am out of touch
21 Firgrove Drive went for €320k per the Price Reg

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rk/2435496

Absolutely mad money. Detached by a few millimetres and small bedrooms. You could make a very nice 3 1/2 bed house out of it

I grew up in the Bishopstown area. That’s bananas money.

It’s the walking rat run to get from Bishopstown to Model Farm Road, and this is the wrong side of the road cut-off, leaving navigation past Bishopstown Community School in the mornings, and a longish drive to get to Curaheen/Bishopstown Rd

While I always liked these houses when I was younger, it simply doesn’t stand out enough and I’d actually prefer a semi in Firgrove, even if this is the nicer end of Kenley.

Hi Jammy, some good points, I live here and love it, it’s a very very quiet Cul de Sac. Most of the foot traffic is walkers of a fine evening.Yep I too think the price is very high but I thought Firgrove wouldn’t get €320k to be honest. How much is an additional bedroom, bathroom I think study and being detached worth. I do fear the madness is spreading from SCD but I cant see what is supporting it. As an aside the house is advertised as 24 The Crescent off Westgate Road, the Kenley bit is omitted !!

I guess the place will probably have grown up since I were a lad in Bishopstown too, less teenagers hanging about. I know I was liable for the odd bit of drunken singing passing by in those days.

But don’t get wrong, I like the area, and these are among the nicer houses in Bishopstown. I just think the money is mad. Half a million quid, like. 23 Mount Eden, a 4bed 1350sqft around the corner, went for 227,500 in April. This simply can’t be twice the house.

We’re actually now looking to move back home and buy in Cork, having decided that the quality of life in Dublin we can attain is not comparable to what we can achieve in Cork. I sure hope Cork doesn’t catch up with SCD anytime soon!

This is a very interesting point you raise about profile in an area. I grew up in Turners Cross in the 60s all the cousins mates were in Ballyphehane which at the time had the reputation of being dodgy in the extreme and in fairness parts of it were. Fast forward to the 80s/90/00. Nearly all the anti social elements are gone its now largely a quiet elderly population, similarly with most of Bishopstown. My one worry when we moved was would my teenagers suffer as there were little or now other teenagers where we are and few enough down to the main Curraheen road by Dinos, (chip shops tend to gather teenagers as manure attracts flies) Luckily a lot of their friends were still down by the Wilton shopping centre. So I think most of Bishopstown is now if anything too elderly, great from one point of view but most houses (this one isn’t ) are executor sales. Similarly Douglas suffers the other problem with too many kids of the one age a sort of Posh Ballyphehane circa 1970s.
I cant speak for the rest of the country but I presume these changes are replicated elsewhere.
Hopefully we will see you back in Cork soon, in the mean time…any chance of a ticket :wink: