WIW - 245 Templeogue Road, Templeogue

rumour has it that a nazi spy lived here during the emergency.

when i were a lad, it was also rumoured that the foundations were in the shape of a swastika so the house could be spotted from the air… googlemaps etc seems to have proven this one to be untrue.


3200 sq ft on a half acre. Good location, albeit on a very busy road.


link added:
southdublinhistory.ie/Temple … ?counter=1

It bears a striking resemblance to a certain compound I’ve seen in Abbottabad. And now, just two days after, this one’s up for sale…

Nice gaff, a bit steep yet given the need to smarten up the insides a bit. This bit from the histrical link jumped out at me though


Haha, yeah I remember that urban legand from my youth about this house too. I also had a look at the satellite view - keine Swastika!

More at irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 37093.html

I think Hermann Goertz is still sleeping in the spare room, the bed looks suspiciously lumpy :open_mouth:

Such a cool house but silly money and you have to spend a fortune on it too.

i like the PhotoShopped pictures of the rooms, but to be honest, it can’t be worth more that 400k? needs full modernisation, and is a listed building. And I’m pretty sure that there is a feck load of damp …

looks like it will be sold soon.

sale agreed.

congrats bob?

No, not me. I can fix most things but not overpriced property!!!

SOLD sign up on house now. Good luck to buyers. Hope they make a nice job of it.

966K as per reg.

Not sure there is anyone living here yet - certainly no work has been done on it.