WIW - 24a Springfield Park, Killiney

24a springfield park on at 465,000

Is that Springfield Mass. or Springfield Ill.?

that would be springfield park killiney, sorry new to this game

Here’s the linky myhome.ie/residential/brochure/24a-springhill-park-killiney-co-dublin/1838262

Good area - small house with no potential to extend - probably suits an elderly couple.

I would value at max €300 and would imagine that would be limited demand for this type of property - not exactly a family home. Across the road Ballinclea Heights has had a number of proper 4 family homes (needing work) sell at €300 - €330 recently.

Sorry for being so sarky, but I put “24a springfield park” into google and got nothing.
I see Alex_a had more patience and better luck and found the correct address.
It seems expensive to me, but then most houses do. I wouldn’t pay half the asking for it, TBH.

Not a price drop, moving to “Sell Buy or Rent”

It actually suits my needs well and having looked for something like that in that area (a small attractive bungalow) I’d be prepared to pay not too far from asking :open_mouth:
I know, I know but I’m fed up waiting. However - the orientation is not at all good (your evening sun would be in the front of the house) and here I am in my rental sitting out on the rear terrace soaking up evening sun in absolute privacy after a shitty day. Bliss - the meaning of life for me - so I will not be offering anything for this- you have a clear run.

noting the garden table and chairs by the pond i thought you might get some sun there?
i also thought you could extend out by knocking down the office?

Yeah - you might be able to get a little southern sun by knocking the office but late afternoon sun will be blazing on the front of the house - you could sit outside the front but I’d prefer not to.

This is now sold.

Apparently went for 442k - so much for my 300k valuation. Surprised someone paid this much.