WIW 25 Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin, Dublin 12

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August 2013, asking €345, 3 Bed Semi-Detached House 113.3 m² / 1220 ft

Many at the open viewing last Saturday. EA claims offer in of €320k.


Nice enclave, better part of Crumlin,

House nicely presented,

Quaint, charming,

Extended at back (possible con, as extension may not be to everybody’s taste),

Quiet area,

Not hugely overlooked,

Nice view of garden from kitchen,

Pretty fireplaces,

Neighbours seem okay,

Lots of trees,

Nice garden,


Decent bus connections on the dodgy Crumlin Road.


Many rooms are tiny, box room at back is possibly smallest I’ve seen, not really big enough to be a closet,

Box room has some kind of leak stain on the wall near the ceiling,

Other cracks visible on wall throughout house, no idea if serious or just surface,

Double to front can take a double bed but not really space for wardrobe as well,

No toilet downstairs (why build an extension without a downstairs bathroom?),

Storage a huge problem as most rooms too small for wardrobes, etc.,

Bathroom with shower, no bath, very small (such that you would have to stand in a special way so as not to bang arms off wall when drying yourself),

Kitchen much smaller than it seems, photos taken with lights on; with lights off it’s quite dark,

Kitchen is functional but not well designed in terms of storage, maximising storage space, etc.,

EA claims a utility room, but it’s only a narrow back hall, no plumbing visible. You could put a washing machine at the back, but it would block access to almost the only bit of storage space in the house.

Neighbours have a dog, don’t know whether or not it barks a lot, always makes me nervous to see a dog nearby.

Overall, it’s nicely presented, and we know how people here love to pay for a lick of paint and polished floorboards. Has a lot of charm, but it’s very small and not well proportioned. I can’t imagine squeezing a family in here. Nice for one person or a couple who don’t have much stuff. It’s worth more than the last one I viewed here, which was 102 Iveagh Gardens, back in April of this year (was asking €250 and had an offer of €220k, last I know), which makes an offer of €320 pretty hefty.

Recent sales show that the asking and alleged offer are well over average for the area:

09/05/2012 €200,000.00 62 Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin, Dublin 16, Dublin
05/06/2012 €290,000.00 26 Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin, Dublin
19/10/2012 €226,000.00 70 Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Dublin 12



It’s crazy money, nicer part of Crumlin or not. Sit this one out.

Sort of a ‘South County Crumlin’ effect here alright!

I think what’s pushing the price up into crazy territory is that it looks pretty. If the same house had 1970s carpets throughout and pink walls it wouldn’t fetch €300k. I’ve seen this loads of times; it seems people think that ripping out carpets and painting the walls white adds upwards of €100k in value :angry:

This is now at €332k and they are going to close soon, after only one open viewing and a mere week on the market. Shows, I think, that the vendor and EA can’t believe that they got even that much of the €345k asking. I guess they want to seal the deal before the bidders realise that it’s in Crumlin and by far the dearest thing in the neighbourhood…Sigh. Do other people not look at the ppr or check out the prices of houses for sale nearby?

Croquette, I actually started a thread a while ago that asked that very question. The answer is no, they don’t. Or they do, but don’t care. Very, very, very frustrating.

The P: you are right, it is extraordinarily frustrating, and it happens all the time. I find it very difficult to understand why somebody who is buying a house wouldn’t do all the research they possibly could before spending that kind of money. As for the people who don’t care about the neighbourhood prices; how can they not? How can they buy a house knowing that their neighbours paid much, much less for theirs a short while ago? Do they not worry about what will happen when they come to sell it? Do they not worry about the fact that their mortgage will likely be much, much higher than their neighbours for the same house? Do they not feel, and this will sound harsh, stupid?

I know that people are very much taken in by a nice paint job and ripped out carpets, but that they put such a huge value on that minor work is beyond my comprehension. People also seem to be taken in by estate agents. EA puts a price of say €450k on a house s/he knows to be worth around €360k and then purchasers are delighted to get it for €10k below asking. One of the oldest tricks in the books, and it seems to work very often.

In this case, shouldn’t the fact that the sale is going to close after a week well short of asking, but well above average prices for the estate and immediate environs, set alarm bells ringing?

This will never make sense to me.

Being Sherlock I investigated the house thoroughly!

The Iveagh Gardens estate is great but there is an issue that is not so obvious with this particular house!

The GAU bar and function rooms are directly behind this house and there are regular bar extensions - If you like joining in on the Karaoke nights from your bed and listening to the smokers chatting very loudly ( probably due to hearing damage!) out the back then this is the house for you!

The delivery lane is also behind the house and there is the noise of kegs being delivered and collected, not to mention the smashing of bottles being emptied into bins every morning!

Sherlock: yes, I did wonder how much disturbance the sports club would cause at night. I didn’t investigate much given how quickly the bidding went crazy, but hadn’t anticipated that much noise. That would drive me insane. I think Iveagh Gardens appeals to many who would not otherwise consider Crumlin because it seems so quiet. That is a massive drawback that you mention.

Sale Agreed. That was seriously quick…

Told yiz,
It’s South County Crumlin in that there enclave!

It was for sale for about a week with one open viewing.

Vendor didn’t bother holding out for anything near asking. Last I heard they were prepared to close at around €330k, asking was €345k. I guess they knew that they were very lucky to get that? It’s way over average for Iveagh Gardens.

332k sounds pretty close to 345k to me - 4% in the difference.
I was at the viewing and brought along my Aldi laser measuring device. I got 45 feet for the 60 foot rear garden - now that is not close!

The house didn’t feel like 1200sq ft either but I didn’t have the nerve to use the laser inside!

I have just rechecked the advert on my home - the total sq meters of the rooms adds up to 92.4sq meters. This converts to 994.91 sq feet.

I went visiting in Iveagh Gardens today - there is no spare parking, the traffic into and out of the place is mad and its sort of single lane ‘stop/go’ to get in and out - both ways you’re there praying for some pedestrian to press the Crumlin Road crossing light!
Maybe it was folk visiting parents all at the one time but, for those aspiring to live there in that pleasant place, please remember that internal road was built in the bicycle age!

It would be a relatively simple matter to rig a remote control activated switch ‘in series’ with the pedestrian light’s pushbutton in order to be able to change the lights from the comfort of your car on approach. Hi viz vest and a hard hat and no one would challenge you doing the necessary mods…

#102 sold 23-8-13 for €342k

PPR: 08/11/2013 €340,000.00 25 Iveagh Gardens, Crumlin, Dublin 12