WIW - 25 Martin Street, Portobello, Dublin 8

What am I missing here?

340K for a two bed terrace in Dublin 8??


Showing 360K now

It’s the “Portobello” premium, proximity to town, a couple of nice cafes and restaurants and just ignore the flats, the inner-city deprivation and the junkies, it’s “Portobello” :unamused:

It has one of those extra short ‘step in’ baths. I had one of those in a flat I rented in Paris as a student. I was very clean from the knees down. But it was somewhat less effective for washing from the knees up!

I would say €275k, and that’s being generous, too small for the family market. Given its in Portobello and there is a flower pot hanging from the front door one would suspect it might attract the pink euro.

I think what you are missing is being deluded which is clearly what you would want to be to buy that house for that price.