WIW - 25 Mountpleasant Avenue Upper, Ranelagh

Sold for 440k in 2010
myhome.ie/priceregister/25-u … in-6-51972

Now 825k “refurbished and extended”
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2620288

That looks like a good renovation job - decor is a bit of a mixed bag, but the BER rating is good for that type of house.

Some of the special features are interesting:

  • Each room is individually thermostatically controlled
  • Rainwater/greywater harvester-feeding w.c’s and washing machine.
  • Period well found while renovating provides water for garden.
  • Solar water heating.
  • Hardwood double glazed in front Georgian section and triple glazed in modern extension.

Seems like a thoughtful renovation and hopefully well implemented. Not sure if it’s worth 0.825 million.

Stick on a TRV, job done. Listing that as a “special feature” on a 825k property is comical.

It seems they’ve added an 800 sq ft extension since 2010, and it looks like they’ve done a very nice job on the refurbishment. The photographs are very well done; the shot of the front of the house makes it look far more impressive than it is in reality, in my opinion. It has off-street parking which I would consider an absolute necessity on the road.

I have no idea what it’s worth but, based on what other properties in Dublin 6 have been selling for, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it went for well over the asking price.

There are such widely varying house types on Mt Pleasant Ave that predicting price is not easy. But I wouldn’t expect it to go over the asking price.

Nice looking house all the same

I’d have thought it would be more than that, but you might be right. It’s underfloor heating in the original house, no?

Nice refurb tho not a fan of the kitchen. Having off street parking here is a Major plus as parking on this street is not good and most hoyses dont. Would expect this to go over the AP.

I predict at least €900k.

fine gaff allright but the garden would surely rule out a lot of families.

But who would pay near €1m for a family home in the heart of Rathmines…I just could’nt imagine brining a family up there. And it’s an area that could ghettoise very quickly with the way the population stats are shifting in this country.
But thats just my opinion

+1. Looks a very impressive refurb. Off-street parking a huge benefit along here.

A minor point, but actually getting a car into the ‘driveway’ for that property is not too easy.

There are at least 5 other houses in Rathmines for sale for over €1m. I would quite happily bring up my family on Palmerston Road…

That’s the original floor as it existed back in Georgian times-the refurb was probably done by an architectural purist but most people choose to tile or floorboard over them in more of a Victorian style because the bare polished stone creates a reaction like yours.



Anyone thinking about dropping this amount of cash on Mountpleasant should take a look at the amount of different wheelie bins in each concreted-over front garden and the multiple doorbells on each property as well as hanging around for a while on weekend nights before deciding if this is an 800k+ neighbourhood.

if anything the opposite is happening, each pre 63 sold is being converted back into a family house.

time will tell…

A wise man once told me:

Never north of Charleston Road, unless east of the Triangle.

I presume he meant to live, rather than anything else.

All seems very Ross O’C-K now. Not sure what my point is exactly. Agree with Gabhla above, conversions around here only going in one direction, which is positive.

I went to the viewing of this place today; it was like 2006 all over again. A queue out the door to get into the place and the EAs ran out of brochures after 10 minutes.

It is a lovely house, and a real credit to the owner - the finish is absolutely first rate. The most obvious downside for me was that the bedrooms and garden were too small for a family house. It would make a superb bachelor pad!

I understand that there has already been an offer of €950,000 and wouldn’t be surprised if it achieved in or around the 7 figure mark eventually.

I wonder is that the opening bid or is there already a bidding war going on.

Nice house but if this hits seven figures than the higher end of the Ranelagh market is going to see a jump.

Am I reading this correctly, this house is on the market for 825K for about a week and there is already offers up to 950K ??