WIW: 25 St Helens Road Booterstown

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Viewed this. Lovely renovation done and gorgeous sunny back garden. But only 1700ft sq. is this a bit expensive for booterstown?

I love that house but to me it would need to be over 2000 sq feet to justify anything over 1m

It’s booterstown but the rock road end which is better imo

It certainly looks pricey. It’s fairly big and the interior restoration is probably to a high spec, even if the style is a bit “meh…” to my taste.
I’d try to recover at least half of the front garden for planting and they haven’t done much with the back one, though maybe there’s fresh planting to grow out.

South Dublin prices are definitely starting to get a bit daft in the upper mid range, imo.

Regarding size… I wonder could a smaller attic conversion be done. That might make it a couple hundred ft sq bigger for not too much more cash…?

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642k in 2013

I’d say renovation could have been 250-300. Great quality even down to the Windows. What do people think of booterstown as an area?

Yes I’d say 1.1 isn’t a huge premium over the original cost plus refurb my only concern is that whatever way you slice it, it’s a lot of money for 1700 sq feet.

I like that part of booterstown mainly because of its proximity to blackrock so it’s a thumbs up from me

Yea was thinking that myself. Booterstown would be classed
as a better area than blackrock tho right?

I wouldn’t have thought so, I’d definitely pick blackrock over booterstown, can’t see any reason to put booterstown ahead of it, especially given that a lot of it is in that strange area between ucd and the n11

Yea I know what you mean. We could buy in blackrock easily with our budget. But I just thought booterstown being closer to ballsbridge etc would be better. I know it doesn’t have the village etc… But there’s just something about blackrock that doesn’t really appeal to me. Maybe it’s just the proximity to the likes of ballsbridge, Donnybrook, town etc. Booterstown very very close to my work. I would’ve put booterstown ahead of blackrock with regards to expenditure on a house.

But that’s probably because I haven’t really been looking at these areas before. With the prices in these areas getting more expensive the last year were starting to have to look at other areas we wouldn’t really have considered before…

Blackrock covers a large area , if you are looking in the more desirable parts I.e close to the sea then you will be looking at 1.1m or so for a four bed detached under 2,000 sq feet

That house in booterstown is blackrock priced imo, I.e to get something similar in blackrock you will pay the same or more

Have you looked at clonfadda wood on mount merrion avenue couple of nice houses in there at 1.1-1.3m

Others may disagree I’d go monkstown, blackrock and then booterstown in that order , again comparing the best sub areas in each area

Also that booterstown house is basically on the outskirts of blackrock so anything close to mount merrion avenue is going to be nearly as close to donnybrook, Ballsbridge or town

Whatever way you cut it Ballsbridge is 6-8 min away on the dart from either booterstown or blackrock station

Thanks for advice. We looked at mount Merrion but decided against it. Didn’t really rate it and house prices will have a ceiling… Whereas I think booterstown houses could ask more (I could be wrong here). Looked at a house in clonfadda. Again, didn’t really like the style. I dunno… Depressed with this house hunting malarkey!

Like the style of this house in booterstown tho and seems to be a lot cheaper with no work to be done than the places we’ve previously been looking at that may need 300k renovation.

Mount merrion avenue is blackrock , I agree with you re mount merrion I don’t see the fuss but some people love it.

I personally don’t see a massive future upside on the booterstown house either, I think you may be over estimating booterstown as an address and I doubt the current vendor will make much over what they paid and put into the refurb unless they get over asking and they bought it in 2013

have you looked at :