WIW: 25 St Mobhi Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Just back looking at houses after 18 month lay off. Have looked at a couple of houses in the area, all in need of a good bit of work. All on the market about a month with a couple of offers with none near asking price. Anyway first viewing was this evening and the same faces cropping up to view the house. Making usual small talk with EA when he tells me they’ve had an offer of asking price just before I walked in WTF !! Is he Bullshting or is someone really mad after a house on this road? I’m simply perplexed by it all, had come across EA once before a couple of years ago but you’d be ready to throw the towel in already with this type of shie. Nothing changes in this country does it.


I saw lots of cars along there as I drove along that road earlier this evening… even in the rain, I was wondering what it was about! A very busy stretch of road but I suppose that you might get used to it… maybe someone trying to get in before their AIP expires??? I would have thought some of the other places for sale in the area (eg around The Rise etc) were much nicer properties albeit priced MUCH higher than any offers they have apparently been receiving…

As an aside I have noticed some very strange bidding patterns in some places in various parts of Dublin that I have been interested in recently with bids being put on places and being taken off again a few days later (if/when the vendors don’t instantly agree to go sale agreed?!?) there really seems to be a phony war going on…

Half a bar for that? Bloody hell.

Yeah just doesn’t seem to add up, it’s a very busy road peak hours. Both gaffs in the Rise aren’t near asking and don’t seem to be going much higher according to EA (but that can all be taken with a pinch of salt). It must be the 150 foot garden on Mobhi Rd. Ah it’s all a pain in the hole really isn’t it.

im looking in this area as well.

147 ft extremely long south west facing secluded private rear garden. - I think this probably has a lot to do with the price.

its a fab special garden.

they are lovely houses. they are much nicer than those on the rise, and ive viewed and been in them.

im not bidding on this property. id pay the asking, but would have little left to “do up”.

it beats asking 460 (but really they want 490) on this


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/3149258

bring on the end of the summer.

Lived a couple of doors down as a teenager. I recognise many of the original features: the doors and doorknobs, the wood panelling in the bathroom, and the red tiles in the kitchen/scullery, which my mother used to slap some Cardinal Red on every so often. The kitchen also had a tiny fireplace with a back boiler, which was handy because we didn’t have central heating. I see they managed to get rid of the stair rods though (nightmare).

I loved the house growing up, and I do think they’re more than the sum of their parts. The gardens are great. The road was always busy but traffic can be very heavy now. I also heard of someone who grew up just a little further down the road who bought back what had been the family home sometime around 2004. So they seem to have a hold on people…

The price is a bit of a heartbreaker, especially as it does need a good bit of work. If I recall correctly, no. 37 sold for about IR£90k+ in around 1994! (Not our house - we always rented - which is why I’m writing this from the computer room of the Dóchas centre :smiley: )

I’m biased obvious but agree totally that it runs rings around Courtlands.

The broader area seems to as well, from a school perspective

that is a different schools area to courtlands.
courtlands is drumcondra which is st pats, ard scoil ris etc

that is glasnevin which is CBS glasnevin.

or am I wrong, please correct me.

I dunno, my brother went to Pats. Maybe back in the day your location wasn’t such a big deal. What is CBS Glasnevin? Vincent’s at Hart’s Corner?

I lived in a house in the Rise “back in the day”… it had a north-east (ish) facing garden and had amazing privacy and it backed onto Hampstead park/Albert College park so all you could see out the back was greenery and you had birds singing all day long… an idyllic location. With young kids I think I would go for a house in the relatively quiet (and I would hope somewhat safer in terms of less cars passing close to your front gate) area of the Rise if I had a choice…

I agree that St Mobhi/The Rise are in a totally different class than Courtlands even though current EA pricing seems to differ…

Estarmam, good luck with your search… btw it seems that the cottage you wrote about on Grace Park Road is above asking price now… it really is in very poor condition and I would argue it has nothing worth saving bar some of the pictures/photos on the wall and the old washing machine in the rear rooms. I considered buying it and putting a few apartments on the site (building a bit further back to enable parking at the front) but even for that I think it is overpriced. It’s a pity that they lost the rear access to the site and I don’t have the stomach for a legal battle to try and get it back! It will be interesting to see what the eventual purchaser does since it is on quite a busy road with very little actually on it… there should be lots of construction traffic on it over the next number of years once they start building houses and once DCU take over All Hallows (I hear they will use it as off-campus student accommodation… it will make the area more lively!). Once the remaining sites on the road have been developed with a new park, etc it could improve the road dramatically… (and hopefully the new layout on Drumcondra road will reduce the number of people using Grace Park road as a rat-run into the city…)

an update on the courtlands property. there is an offer of 432,000 on it now that the owner is apparently considering.

so its hard to know what is going on in the market at present. it really does seem to be turning a corner, with more and more houses on the market in D7 and D9.

there are now 5-6 on the market on Griffith avenue, albeit some at ludicrous asking prices.

There is a house on the market on home farm road that has been reduced to 550,000 and no offers as yet.

a strange time.

the big question is - will the government intervene again