WIW 25 Wellington Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Here is the link: myhome.ie/residential/brochure/25-wellington-road-ballsbridge-dublin-4/2358882.

Receivers? I thought Shatter promised no repossessions except in the rare cases of overwhelming evidence of premeditated murder by the owner?

Looks quite nice from the photos. Is this in line with 51 Wellington’s asking price?


Neat house, but what drives people to choose an olde style bathroom but a kitchen that looks like a laboratory?

Seems a bit incongruous.


The kitchen is in the modern-style extension and the loo is in the traditional-style original house. Actually that split-decor approach can work well IMHO especially when a new extension is put on an historic house. I have not seen it. No off-street parking? Did they sell their back garden to the mews house owners? I think that 51 had parking and a back garden.


How long before the first “But it’s got no garden! 2.5m is delusional” comment, I wonder?


Ah, fair enough. I suppose a properly traditional kitchen would only be for staff use and the odd bit of banging-the-maid caddishness.


If you were into modern and just had to spend your 2.5M…

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2178385

I would prefer something like 25 Wellington Road - at least you could de-modernise it a bit!


Sold for 5m in 2006
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 77375.html


Went to see this on Saturday. Again lots of people there, you could smell the money from them :slight_smile:
Very unimpressive inside, apart from the two main rooms I can’t see anything special about it. Kitchen is very small and narrow, I couldn’t see you being able to entertain in there and with the way it has been designed, not that easy to fix either. Lots of small pokey rooms. Upstairs there are only two bedrooms on the same level, both ok size but then on the level above another bathroom which doesn’t make a huge amount of sense.There is no garden, far smaller than even the photos suggest.
Lovely road though


Viewed as well and felt the same. Felt that 1 Leeson was better (subject to seeing the final price) as the garden was so small anyway. It is a lot to pay for a little, all be it on a lovely road it has to be said.


2.5 million is really a lot for this. More like 1.5.
Although smaller, 19 Wellington Place, around the corner sold for 1.375. The house would have to be changed quite a bit.


irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1319456

Irish Times on 25 Wellington Road:

“It’s worth noting that Number 51 on the same street is currently asking €3.25 million. Number 83, which sold in August of last year, cost a cool €2.75 million. By comparison, number 25 seems like a bit of a bargain asking €2.5 million, especially when it was reported in 2006 to have sold after auction for €5 million.”

Omit to mention that 83 was a large Wellington Road house, and that 51 has been on the market for years (although I believe getting closer to being sold?)
Omit to mention that most very high end D4 houses are selling for bigger discounts than 50% off peak ?

The Irish Times should have to make the same statements under their property articles that financial services firms have to make under their blurb outlining the conflicts etc (although as I hear myself writing this, I realise that the financial service disclaimers had no effect either on dodgy advice. Still would be good for readers to at least realise how biased these articles are).


25 Wellington Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 €2,500,000

  • 5 Bed Terraced House 286 m² / 3078 ft² For Sale

Been told that this is not for sale and the original owner is (being allowed to) hold onto it
Don’t know why the still leave it on myhome.ie
There are a few others on myhome.ie in similar state :angry:


This was registered in the PPR last week, sold for €2.95 M. despite interim injunctions granted by the High Court to the would-be purchasers, a real estate company,

restraining receivers appointed over the property at 25 Wellington Road acting on foot of a second sale completion notice, forfeiting a €295,000 deposit or offering the property for sale.

I didn’t see any adverstising before this transaction. Obs35 might know if the original owner was involved in this sale but the receivers will be glad to get it over the line in the midst of the pandemic.