WIW - 26 Elmbrook Walk, Lucan



Any opinions please? I did a search, would seem most 3 beds in the area asking 200k upwards, anybody familiar with this area and commuting daily to city centre via Dublin bus during rush hour that could offer their opinion? Cheers :slight_smile:)



Genuinely now, this is not the time to buy!


I conclude therefore that in your opinion this house is overpriced so :slight_smile:)… How far do you think a standard 3/4 bed semi d in Lucan will eventually go for? I know! Nobody here has a crystal ball but due to personal circumstances we feel our time to buy is now, but only if it it the righ house at the right price!! Hence we have viewed several so far! Ta


Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if that house (or similar) was available for no more than 100k in the not so distant future.


I am relieved someone else said that! I would actually go further. I would say that house will be worth approximately 60K Sterling within the next 3 years.


I think the houses up to a ten minute walk from Lucan village will be worth 120k-150k in 2-3 years from now, for the rest with not enough amneties and no public transport system to speak of I would expect a really bad freefall (80k-100k, as the owners need to be able to finance 2 cars).


I have lived in Lucan on two occassions from 96 for two years and again from 2005 2010. I would not be interested in that house as its too close to the N4. Also the bus stop is at the end of the route around Lucan so you might have difficulties getting on at peak times.

In terms of price I would estimate that this type of house would have made around 400k - 410k in 2006. So its depends on how much you think it will fall. Getting this for 200k would put the drop at 50% whereas in the Allsops auction the Lucan price drop was much higher which I think is a truer reflection of where the market should be. Will price drop further? yes, by how much? nobody really knows.


Sorry just seen this now, If I were you I would hang on and get something bigger…prices will, in my opinion, drop by at least another 10% so perhaps this would come within your range? If not wait and get something with a converted attic…look at the Elm estate and around there…


PS have you seen this one?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … an/1419227


If you had bought you would have in 9 years gained 120k. The houses on the street are going for 320k now. Also its a very quiet area. I’m living here 10 years and it’s quite cut off from many Lucan issues.


Just double checking - is €120k in just shy of a decade meant to be a good outcome?


If you put off buying in 2011, It would be a bad outcome.

A conservative guess would be €150k in rent before considering the €120k in capital appreciation.