WIW 26 Mount Pleasant Avenue Upper, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

This property looks like it has potential.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3618832

Has anyone seen it? I can’t understand where the side pedestrian access is, unless there is an easement for access over the ‘no man’s land’ between the property and the apartment block. Would you think it will go above the asking price - looks like it is priced to sell?

Re: planning - do extensions need to be done in theme with the property if the property is a protected structure? I was thinking that this place could do with a large side and rar extension, but if it needed to be done in a period stlye with reclaimed bricks and tiles, it could cost a fortune.

Any thoughts?

I see the side entrance now - it is to the right of the ESB box - very handy! If you pumped 250K into it and do a wraparound extension, allowing for a granny flat on the side with its own entrance, you’d end up with a 240+ square metre place with a reasonable garden and off street parking in a great location. If you could get it for 750K (I reckon it will go for well over the asking), it wouldn’t be a bad investment of 1 million Euro.

50 Mount Pleasant is a much smaller plot, further away from a square/green and 100K more expensive. That said, the finishes look superb and it is beautifully dressed.

This is sale agreed over 1M apparently

not surprised - it is nice and was priced to drum up interest

No. 50 is sale agreed just over 1m.
No. 26 is still available - not sure if there are any offers.

Didn’t think 26 was sale agreed as they had two open days on 1 June and 4 June respectively