WIW - 264 Howth Road


This stretch of the Howth Road seems to be less well kept than the rest and I am wondering what is the history of this house (and its newer neighbours)? What would pinsters offer?

I think it is an interesting one - been on a while - prob not goin to get the asking but I think it is worth 430 or so


Does not have a clontarf address so price is not as crazy as it would be if you shifted it a mew hundred meters

big back garden

looks in ok nick but you would still have work to do

does not seem to be massive interest in it as its on a few weeks so potentially avoid a ridiculous bidding war

close to the dart


Main road

Opposite Topaz garage

Seems to be a fence half way down the garden so be interesting to know why - why would you fence off your back garden like that