wiw 275 Cushlawn Park, Tallaght

Kitchen is nice and it’s a corner site. Thoughts?

in my view,worthless.man stabbed to death not far from there yesterday.

keystone said it. It is worth nothing.
Cushlawn was essentially the modern (as in over 30 years old) version of the old Benburb Stree flats - a cheaply built dumping groud for families who at that stage were already 3rd or 4th generation hopelessly unemployed.

Where the children growing up in this wasteland came out of the local educational facilities were not merely functionally illiterate and innumerate but as often as not lacking the power of inteligible speech.

Calling it Cushlawn Park or calling it anything was a joke anyway. Chunks of the worst public housing in Europe were dignified by giving sections of them the identity of a ‘name’. It is merely a part of a morass that includes Killinarden, Killinarden Heights, Donamore Avenue: the last being a smaller part but which probably over the last twenty years has the highest murder rate per square foot in these islands.

Cushlawn sits as part of the worst bit of stupid ‘planning’ in a country whose where such failures are breath-taking.

When some poor sods sought an ‘affordable’ home during the madness -they probably thought that Killinarden at €200,000 was a find. They are probably repenting as they swallow their daily dose of sedatives.

Is a location people aspire to get out of - not to buy into. Do yourself a favour and forget it.

google “cushlawn park defendant” …

Don’t want to harp on about it but in today’s news …


So 200k to live in the equivalent of the Marcy projects? I don’t think we’ve reached bottom…

Eugh this house is pure mutton dressed as…well, mutton.

Walk away.

Or at least don’t pay more then 50,000.

maps.google.ie/maps?q=cushlawn+p … 2.42,0,15

Nice catch lurel. I like the “Dial to stop drug dealing” sign in the background as well.

From rte.ie/news/2011/0827/tallaght.html:

Almost every time I’ve come on the pin and criticised areas like Clondalkin or Clonsilla - in other words areas not disimilar to Cushlawn - someone comes up with just that type of defence. ‘Ah jaysus sure it’s a daysent area full of daysent people’.

One tragedy of crimes like the recent stabbing is the blindness of locals to the conditions on their doorsteps and the willingness of politically-correct cretins to spring to the defence of such vile, savage places.

My advice: stay away and find a decent place to live.

See all the litter on the road?

i have alot to say about this as i live in cushlawn and have been in the same house all my life just down the road from this one.
peoples comments about this area are well over rated its not a horrible place i know the people who currently live in this house their road is one of the most quiet places to live in cushlawn i spend alot of time here i know most of the people on this road it has lots of kids for yours if you have any and its close to the local schools and shops , if you have kids and plan to send them to school here i would give the local schools a miss as theirs not the best educators the primary school in knockmore would be a good choice and for secondary schools any one will do once its not killinarden community school or the one in jobestown they have a very high drop out rate , as for the murder that happined this week the person charged with it is a homeless man who is not from and was not living in the cushlawn area the young man who was murderd was a friend of mine they got in an argument and it ended in the wrong way John was a lovely person like most of the people who live here muderes happin everywhere and its the first murder in cushlawn in a long time dont let this turn you off .

please take my advise and dont listen to those who say to stay far away from this place check it out your self dont make a decision based on what i say or other people say everyone has a different oppinion and yours is what matters most even drive around for a while you might love or hate what you see.

Summary, daycent but best of a bad lot. First murder in a long time - i.e. not the only one. Forget about schools. Not really attracting me to be honest.

I suspect remoteisland is pulling our leg and forgot to add the :wink:

I followed this advice:

…and the list of misdemeanours major and minor on the very first page said enough for me.

BUT if remoteisland IS serious, then I can understand the principle that ‘home is where the heart is’, regardless of how many bad apples spoil it. However, I think it would be a very difficult adjustment for most people to move there and feel the same way.

If I got in an argument with a neighbour/person in the area, I’d expect it ending the wrong way would be at worst a slap round the face, not to die on the street.

Friend of mine bought a house in a pretty “mixed” (i.e. dog rough) estate - not Cushlawn, btw - in the boom years as it was all he could afford. He got into a dispute with neighbours. They became threatening and his house and car were vandalised. He installed CCTV cameras. They were smashed by a guy in a balaclava with a ladder and a hammer. So he asked the Gardai what he should do and whether he could press charges. They told him that his best bet would be to forget about it and move out before he or his wife got seriously hurt “or worse”. So he sold.

I assume the OP was trolling with the original enquiry, coming as it did a day or two after a well-publicised murder in the area. Cushlawn is obviously not the most desirable area to live in - mixed council/private housing in a well-known lower working class suburb. For this reason, asking prices there should be at the lowest end of the scale. Basically, it’s for people who can’t afford anything better, or for people in council housing. I’m sure the majority of people there lead normal enough lives, blighted every now and again with the usual anti-social irritants endemic to these places. As to the claim that it has an unusually high murder rate, I’m not sure if this is true.

I grew up in Cushlawn park and it was a great place to live. I am now 32 and I have done a degree in English and a masters in drama…so I’m not your stereotypical girl from Cushlawn. The comments I have read here are complete stereotypical snobbery and it is human nature to sneer at something to make ourselves feel better. Yes incident’s happen now and then but doesn’t it happen everywhere? Do we not live in an age now where people use knives instead of giving someone a dig? Thats not the area, thats called living in the year 2012 as opposed to 1985. There are drug gangs everywhere and there IS good and bad everywhere, its not a defence, thats the truth!! What about when the guy was kicked to death outside a nightclub in Blackrock? just to give one example of an incident that didn’t happen in Tallaght, I’m sure there are many more examples of murders happening all over Dublin city. My experience in Cushlawn park has been a real sense of community, people run parenting classes, assertiveness classes, yoga classes etc. Unfortunately class division still exists, where people form an opinion of places like Cushlawn Park based on the fact that it is a working class area. People from whatever class are not clones of each other so wake up and stop assuming that we don’t have our own individuality. “Vile and savage” I’m actually laughing here at the extremely descriptive words used to describe an area thats…well fine!! Well I will put this down to complete ignorance and the world is full of it…Yes I said ignorance!! I’ve never actually encountered that type of ignorance in my time living in Cushlawn!!