WIW 29 St. Thomas Rd, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin

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any views on this one folks? Know it is expensive per square foot, but the garden is great and has future development potential if that is your beef, or you could be self sufficent in vegies which may be useful is the lost decade continues for much longer. There is also a granny flat, in pretty good condition immediately behind the house, which is not included in the square footage and could be integrated into the main house.

Unless it is preserved (for some reason that is unfathomable to me) it is worth somewhere between €300k and €400k as a site. Hardly a Lutyens is it.???

anyone know what this went for?

considerably more that what 2pack see it i’d imagine. Its a fine house. I dont think people are being realistic on this site.

Last time I enquired the EA told me that there was a bid of €800k on the house. Doesn’t surprise me as this is one of the best houses I have seen in Mount Merrion and modest semis there are selling for €600k.

You are right Mocame.
Just been sold nearby a semi detached house to renovate for 500k.
It’s Mount Merrion! :wink:

Sold for 800k