WiW: 29 The Warehouse, Clanbrassil Terrace, Dublin 8

As Dublin apartments go this isn’t bad; must be one of very few proper loft style apartments in Dublin

very big; location iffy though close to the Green - asking 185k. Needs decoration

its neighbour is in better nick but smaller - asking 330k

[edit] the penthouse seems to have sold for silly money

When launched:

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 584138.asp

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-8/354446

sale agreed - 185k last recorded price

webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … ogle.co.uk

I rent in this development (a 2,000 sq ft 2 bed with parking for about 20% above the going rate for a 90’s/00’s shitbox) and it’s probably the only apartment complex I’d consider buying in. I had a look at this one when it came on the market but there were just too many nays for me to seriously go for it.
It’s a complete shell inside-no floors, no kitchen appliances and little in the way of sanitary ware (there was a toilet I think.) Just to move in you would need to spend about €30k. It’s on the 2nd floor with just 1 main west-facing window and another smaller 1 looking into the internal courtyard so instead of being an airy, light filled loft it’s actually quite gloomy, particularly the bedroom area. The layout also means it could only ever be a 1-bed despite the generous floor area. I believe management fees are quite high also.
A fair price for an investor or owner occupier alike would be around the 140-150 mark.

seems like you have a massive apartment there, dare I say decent value, if you are only paying 20% above the rate for a bog standard place. I saw silly rent asked for the Penthouse(s) there - to rent and buy - think it was in the Irish Times. If all apartments were this size and quality then childless couples might not feel the need to commute to semi-ds in the burbs…

interestingly the EA feels the need to make the same point

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/336481

The mgmt fees quoted here are 2500 p.a. which is very steep for a 1 bed; though perhaps less so if you just go by square footage. Not sure if there’s a lift as the open staircase is pictured? - though live in care taker cited will bump up the rate for a small development. That said, it’s quite common in the US to have a live in caretaker and is probably an plus.

Problem is, Clanbrassil Street is bloody miserable with not a lot on it except a big road. If this development was just the other side of the road in that area between Clanbrassil and Camden Streets it would make it a more desirable location. That block commanded a high premium during the bubble and retains a certain cache. But where it is, meh.