WIW 294 North Circular Rd Dublin 7

Has anyone been to see this? Its a derelict former railway cottage on the NCR, being sold by CIE properties. I went along yesterday to see what the possibiblites were, they have taken it off Daft (hence no photos) and their own CIE website as they have been ‘inundated with enquiries’ according to the nice man from CIE. They have had over 150 phonecalls about it and ‘probably priced it too low at 75,000k’ . Its a cute enough looking cut stone cottage, totally derelict and has been fired damaged due to squatters. The site is small enough with various restrictions in place about altering the building as its got some sort of preservation order in place. The new Luas line to Broombridge will be put in on the old track at some stage in the near future, so plenty of noise and drilling etc. the land under the house still belongs to CIE, strangely, and they never mentioned what will happen to the rest of the land running alongside the track. Anyone intending to buy it will have to put in a tender and have the money and plans in place in advance, no one subject to mortgage approval will be eligible. Sounds like a minefield,still I expect this will go for 150 to 200k

That is because the LUAS will own it. There is a detailed EIS of what will happen in the railway order , Googling will show up a gigantic amounts of facts.

Do not forget there is a huge Grangegorman redevelopment just started too with the move of DIT here.

I have been to visit this property and am head over heals in love with this house, I have always loved it I will put in an offer when possible but so daunting putting in an offer through sealed bid. It is a listed building also so its so difficult to know what offer will win it. I don’t which is better auction or private one time bid.

If you win you will find out fairly lively what a conservation architect costs. :slight_smile:

Why are you selling it then? :smiley:

Any alterations done to this house will be subject to planning permission. The site itself is so small, I found it very disappointing, I’d imagine it will only appeal to people with very deep pockets. CIE have emailed all the viewers to say they have upped the asking price to 125, 000. I’m out.

Just a follow up, this sold for €168,123 on 27 Jun 2014
Quite an odd figure, was there some currency conversion involved??

myhome.ie/priceregister/294- … lin-300954

The house was being re-roofed today, they appear to have worked pretty fast as this morning the battens were down on the roof and felt like material visible, then this evening the slates are all back on it seems.