WIW: 3 Bed detached Bungalow in Kilmeague €320k

It’s got the land but is it a bit far out to be asking that?
Been up for a while - low offer?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … re/3260177

If it has been up for a while with no offer, then a low-ball is worthwhile.

What’s lowball/realistic for this? There is a bit of work to do to a back paddock not shown in images (overgrown-ish etc)

265k rejected

Tis a bit in the sticks really.

Yeah maybe.

I clocked it at 20 minutes from Newlands, with no traffic, but traffic there at rush hour?

I thought that I had this one, they took a week to reject my final offer.


Sniff sniff
sale agreed on the bid just over mine