WIW 3 Drummartin Crescent

Been a lurker for a while and have found the pin to be very good source of information. TBH a lot of the opinions are similar to mine and if I had my way I would wait for a min of six months before buying. However, the BH has other ideas and after renting for the last few years is keen on getting on the prop ladder.

We have been looking in SCD, a very competitive market in recent months in specific areas for specific market segments, young families/3-4 bed.

I have seen this prop a couple of times and would be interested in opinions on value. I believe it is on offer around €440K or €278 per sq ft.



It’s a nice house, good location with no passing traffic on the crescent and plenty of space for most people.

On the downside - traffic noise from the road behind the garden; that road is very busy at peak times. It also needs a fair bit of TLC to replace carpets, kitchen, and probably put in another bathroom. It will probably have a very poor BER, you might want to do a proper insulation job on it.

Pushing aside the argument as to whether any property is “value” this house in this area , if all the updates (d-glazing etc) are as claimed, well priced compared compared to others in the area. Not many 5 bedrooms around ,though the smallest would really be a guest room for midgets.

What happened to the ugly no 13 -same area lower price weird extension ?

This house ,no 3, appears to have a downstairs WC, a small shower cubicle, and another shower room with WC. OK for shower lovers -but is there no bath ?

Worth a look -especially with an integral garage with which you can do something later on.

I agree, mahrud. If it goes for around the 440 mark, it will be good value compared to other houses around.

I’d view it as a 4 bed - the smallest one will be sacrificed for another bathroom.

I hope you mean something like put a classic car or lathe and work bench ?

Anyway - why the big premium over this ?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/2077817

better nick, better orientation, same distance luas ( but one zone in )

and don’t forget the lurking pussy cat, gotta to add to the appeal :smiley:

Robdel’s find in Churchtown looks great and he makes good points. Nice photos anyway. better than Drumartin’s grey exterior taken in the shade.

Why the premium for Drummartin ? Not sure -maybe the size (they’re both same price psf), maybe the Churchtown property is closer to a rather downmarket area.
And both have garages in which to put in a rack, chains,whips and the usual things one keeps there.

Maybe OP should check it out and tell us…
2buyornot2buy , that is the question - what is better value?

In the meantime Robdel will keep looking.

Robdel’s looks better value, but maybe it will be bid higher?

Thanks for the input, Drummartin is a better location for me in terms of schools etc. Same price per sq ft as Churchtown prop but does require cosmetic improvements plus bath tub/installation. Would also look to add some more space in the rear so it needs an additional €50K. For €500K would I be mad? With an additional 300 sq ft it would still come in around €270 psf.

Add MORE space ? Pretty big already , but if you are heading towards the 2.000sft mark then it’s still cheaper than anywhere around that size.
And ,I suppose, you can add at leisure.