WIW - 3 Lea Road, Sandymount

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … unt/207660

(Realistic) comments welcome!

Great part of Dublin.
Can’t be worth more than 350/400K though. Needs a huge amount of work!

I wouldnt go near it, i dont know what they are playing at. They should take away the insane price tag.

what’s it worth? nothing. tom hanks is on his way.

your sense of direction is poor.

Lovely area, shagging insane price but even in the late eighties houses on this street were priced stupidly expensive.

Have to say I love the overall area (one of the few areas in dublin I actually like).

204,799 no more no less would be my offer here

Here is the location → bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=swndq1 … %20Ireland

Electrical, heating, insulation and possibly windows are at least going to need a major overhaul though, so price that into the purchase, the price needs to come way down to reflect its use as a family home (family with 3 to 4 kids)
This is not a €700K+ house.

4 beds in the area are renting between €1800 & €2500 per month, so applying a rule of ten to this that would price it between €198,000 & €275,000

Map great - can see where the 3 story mews is going… dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … ts%3C/a%3E

I loved this line

For once the EA isn’t lying - sometimes it is -

If I remember correctly Lea rd flooded in 2001 which resulted in the corporation plugging some of the entry points on the coastal wall as a precaution against it happening again.

If you believe in rising sea levels you should probably go cautiously in this area

It seems the vendors listened to your advice, considered it for a few months and went ahead and increased the price by €125,000.

Originally at €700,000


Now €825,000


Judging by the planning application for the back garden it is beling sold by this crowd omahonyfinnerty.com/profile.

Property developer fire-sales? :unamused:

No more than 240k

200 per square foot is the maximum to pay in D6 or D4.

Garden is a plus, flooding a minus,

Possibility of a swimming pool with increased gobal warming a definate advantage :slight_smile:

3 Lea Road, Sandymount now €725,000.


Lots more to come off this.

3 Lea Road, Sandymount.

Back up to €790,000


I am confused, but not in a way which would encourage me to buy this house.

it is a hail mary pass.

More like a full-on kneeling Rosary.

3 Lea Road now down to €700,000:


I also see that another couple of properties that were developed by OMahony Finnerty have come up for sale just around the corner:

13A Sandymount Castle Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4


3a Derrynane Gardens, Sandymount, Dublin 4


Don’t know for certain that these are still owned and being sold by OMahony Finnerty, but they are (i) using the same auctioneer (ii) were both for rent recently so they aren’t PPRs (iii) seemed to appear on the market at or about the same time.

Anyone interested in these properties should keep this in mind when pricing these properties.

Back now to 700k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/207660
Plus ca change…

And yet: sales.ie/ShowProp.aspx?id=470123. What gives??? I’m confused… :confused:

3 Lea Road, Sandymount now Sale Agreed


Would love to know what they are agreed at. €500,000?